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  1. Cosmos75

    Solved Access Dependency Checker Add-In - Can't run/install after windows update

    I've been using an Access Dependency Checker Add-In ( and it's worked fine for me. But after I updated Windows earlier this week, I can't get it to run/install. Previously, I needed to select "Run as Administrator" when...
  2. Cosmos75

    Anyone here do magic (card, coin, ...)?

    Anyone here do magic? I recently decided to try to learn some card tricks. Still haven't learned how to the beginner moves, but I'm familiar with some of them. Would love to learn some cardistry but don't know if I have the determination for that. Just curious if anyone else here knows or is...
  3. Cosmos75

    Appending data from an external file with the same structure

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to append data from another file into a file with the same table structure. There are some problems that I can see at the moment: Autonumber fields as primary keys/unique indexes could cause problems with duplicates Data must be appended on 'one-side' (parent)...
  4. Cosmos75

    Rows - .EntireRow.Delete - 1004 Error, but rows are deleted

    I have a simple delete code line that gives me a 1004 error (Delete method of Range class failed), BUT the rows are deleted! The error causes the remaining code not to execute because of the error handling code I have which give a msgbox explaining that an error code occurred the exits. Any...
  5. Cosmos75

    VBA - XML code causing compile error

    I have some code from an database that I did not build that is giving me trouble when trying to compile. It starts with these three declarations. Dim oDoc As DOMDocument ... Dim wrt As MXXMLWriter40 Dim atrs As New SAXAttributes30 I have 'Microsoft XML, v6.0' checked in my VBA references...
  6. Cosmos75

    Microsoft KB Articles- Where are they now?

    What happened to Microsoft's KB articles? I can't seem to find any of the ones I used to with old links I had. :confused: I'll admit it has been several years since I've looked for them, so I've been out of the loop for awhile.
  7. Cosmos75

    Trip to Greece - Any tips, advice?

    Well, the wife and I are going to Greece in June. 2 nights in Nafplio, 2 on Santorini island and 3 in Athens. Any tips on what to see and where to eat? Or any advice in general?
  8. Cosmos75

    Portal game for FREE, but not for long!

    Get the game, Portal, for FREE until the 24th!! (PC or MAC) - :)
  9. Cosmos75

    Help translating from French to English

    Would anyone be willing and able to help me translate these French phrases into English? Much thanks for reading this! :) 1) Vous aller trop bien ensemble siisii From Google Translate "You go too well together siisii" Guess it means something like "You two look good together" or "You are a...
  10. Cosmos75

    Installing Office 2007 while maintaining Office XP Developer

    I have Office XP Developer Edition installed on my Windows XP computer. Through my company, I got the chance to buy a copy of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition for use on my personal computer. Has anyone ever installed Office 2007 over Office XP/2002 or any other older versions? If so, I was...
  11. Cosmos75

    Anyone here use StumbleUpon?

    Like the title says, does anyone here use StumbleUpon (
  12. Cosmos75

    Looking for a home office chair

    I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair at the desk and am looking to replace my task chair at home. I was wondering if anyone has any recommedations on chairs and online places to buy them? There's one at Best Buy that I've read quite a few positive reviews online - AK Designs Octane One...
  13. Cosmos75

    BOINC Distributed Computing

    Just curious, is anyone here attached to any BOINC distributed computing projects?
  14. Cosmos75

    Firefox Extensions for surfing anonymously

    Does anyone have any experience and/or recommendations regarding either of these FireFox extensions? Anonymization Toolbar Anonymouser Are there other freeware products that accomplish the same thing?
  15. Cosmos75

    Opinions on wireless router & notebook card (Linksys & D-Link)

    Am planning on buying a wireless router and wire notebook card. In no particular order, here are the two combinations that I am thinking of getting: Linksys Linksys SpeedBooster 802.11g Wireless Broadband Router (Model: WRT54GS) Linksys SpeedBooster 802.11g Wireless Notebook Card (Model...
  16. Cosmos75

    iPod docking station with speakers?

    Can anyone recommend a good iPod docking station with speakers thats under US$100? A little over $100 is OK but I'd rather stay under $100.
  17. Cosmos75

    Anyone here a full-time Microsoft Access Developer?

    I am curious to know if anyone here is a full-time Microsoft Access developer? I've seen a few postings on for such people where the only requirement was knowledge and expreience with MS Access. More often than not the requried skills extend beyond just MS Access: - UML - SQL...
  18. Cosmos75

    Change button image (builit-in images)

    I am using one of the builit-in images available through the 'Picture Builder' on a command button. Is there a way to change the button picture to another image available through the 'picture builder' using VBA? In the properties, it says Picture = (bitmap) regardless of which image I select...
  19. Cosmos75

    WHERE clause using Between and DateAdd not returning correct results

    I have the following two querydefs. Here is the SQL; qry1 SELECT [dtFind], tblData.dtReading, tblData.dblValue FROM tblData WHERE DateDiff("n",[dtReading],[dtFind]) Between 1 And CInt([intMins]); qry2 SELECT [dtFind], tblData.dtReading, tblData.dblValue FROM tblData WHERE dtReading Between...
  20. Cosmos75

    Dungeons & Dragons Online

    Anyone playing Dungeons & Dragons Online? If so, are you enjoying it?
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