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    Using >= in cell as part of formula

    Hi all, long time since I've been here. Anyway, I have a countif() where the if refs a cell that contains <=250. It all works but now I would like to make the 250 dynamic, like maybe it comes from a slider bar, etc. Any suggestions? Here is the countif()...
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    Create sql server table

    Hi all, We just got access to sql server database and I need to know the best way to create tables in it. Is it easy in ms access? we have an older version of access, 2010 I think. I can connect to it and see all the system tables but for the life of me can't figure out how to create tables...
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    The Crown

    Hi all, Watched a couple episode of the Crown. Just curious how factual it is if anyone happens to have seen it. The 1950's fog episode was pretty dramatic and something that missed our history books, go figure...(or maybe I was asleep again...)
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    Update formula

    Greetings, Been a while since I've logged in.. Anyway, I have a spreadsheet with many cells that have formulas and part of the formula is the number 1000. This is used as a multiplier in the formula and I need to change all of them to 10,000. I thought I could do this with the replace tool. It...
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    System.mdw missing

    Hi all - long time :) I am trying to open an accdb on a new Win10 install and it says it can't find the system.mdw. I've tried everything I can think of and can't get past this. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Win 7 or 10 ISO

    I am trying to get Access up on my iMac and have installed VMware Fusion. I have an OEM Win 7 disk but after having issues the VMware help desk says the OEM disk contains executables (which Fusion does not like) instead of an ISO file(s)? MS help gave me a link to download the ISO file but I am...
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    No menu bar

    Help! I got a surface and Access VBA menu bar is not there. How do I get it to show up? I think its access 16 - Any ideas? I'm trying to google it but can't seem to find anything... Thanks in advance - ken
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    Jimmy Carter

    Just curious what others think about this man - jimmy-carter He is one of the few politicians that I feel is a good, honest, and decent person...
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    Only one true value per set of records...

    Hi all - I have a table with say 100 rows. There is a pk. There is also a fk. So say 4 of these records share a common fk. Now in the form I show these filtered records. One of the other flds is a check box - yes/no type fld. I only want the user to be able to have this checked true for one of...
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    Open file and print

    I have some files (pdf and pptx), on a network dirve that I need to print in a report. I was thinking since some of my charts are already in excel then I could somehow download and print the other network documents to pdf and some how merge them all - Make sense? I used the following in Access...
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    Freedom - ?

    Shouldn't I be able to sell my goods to whom I please? Link
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    Access and the new Windows and tablets

    Thinking of gettin a HP windows tablet and running MS Access on it - Does anyone do this? Are there any things to stay away from? Will the low end, $300 tablets run Access ok? Thanks for any insight !
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    Adding worksheet issue

    Hi All - I am using Hyperion/Brio and JOOLE to manipulate an Excel spreadsheet. When I use the following code it errors saying there is a paren missing after the argument list: oExcel.Sheets.Add(After:=2); Any ideas? I've tried putting parens in different places with no luck, maybe another...
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    Apple Mini

    I see some pretty reasonable prices on used Apple Minis on ebay, is there a limit as to how old a unit I should be looking for? All I need it for is to run safari and maybe Sketchup or maybe VMware - Any do's or don'ts? Thanks, Ken
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    Song and Band names

    I saw a barrel and tray type gizmo in the warehouse the other day, kind of a industrial kit type thing that is used to clean up chemical spills and it had a sign that read 'Spill Kit'. Thought that would be a good name for a punk band - ? (are punk bands still around or am I showing my age :) )
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    Clipboard issue

    When I copy data from an app and paste into Excel 2010 the data get all mis-aligned. For example if the first row, the col header, has two words for the title of the col, when I paste, it places one word in the first col and the second word in the second col. This is just the tip of the iceberg...
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    Left join not working

    I have a table with all the dates for a period, say 1/1/2013 - 12/31/2013. I have a second table with transaction records with a date fld. I do I left join from the dates table to the trans table and want to see all days and if there are tran records I want to seen them for the given day...
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    Public array from recordset

    Hello all - I need to put the results of a recordset into an array and have the array avail as public but can't seem to get anything to work. Any suggestions or links to code. I can use rs.getresults to work but now I'm stuck - Thanks!, Ken
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    Digital picture frame

    Somebody around here always knows something about anything so here goes - :D I want a digital picture frame that will display pictures I take on my phone and don't want to have to futz with a SD card, usb, etc. It would be nice if there was an app on the phone that just sinc'd the two devices...
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    Access query in excel

    When I embed an Access query that has parameters into excel it does not appear to bring in the data -Any ideas?
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