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  1. wazz

    stored procedure prefixes

    i've scripted a db and have been updating field names, etc. first thing is, at the top of the file, two schemas and two users were created. each schema has a corresponding user (or vice-versa) with the same name. i'll come back to this. secondly, i'm looking at the stored procedures and they...
  2. wazz


    i recently discovered this sub-site of tech republic. in case you need a diversion:
  3. wazz

    reference name

    is there a way to get the name of a reference the way it appears in the 'available references' window? ex, 'Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library', instead of 'Word' from References.Name.
  4. wazz

    Tip 10+ things that are broken in Access 2007 love the last line. Edit: this link is now dead. see below for update.
  5. wazz

    vba classes forum

    as the title says. sry if this has already been suggested.
  6. wazz

    Solved getting dates from exported favorites

    just playing around with exporting favorites from IE. after exporting, each link contains dates in this format: ADD_DATE="1246000619" LAST_VISIT="1246000646" LAST_MODIFIED="1246000619" anyone know how to get the date from those numbers? the example above should be today, june 26, 2009 (~3.15...
  7. wazz

    resume loop at next loop

    if i get an error in the middle of a For...Next loop and go to an error handler, how can i skip what was left of that loop and resume the looping process at the top of the next loop?
  8. wazz

    Tip Developer Tool

    i just came across this handy tool: useful for those who create classes and have to write a lot of property procedures. check out the image on that page to see how to use it.
  9. wazz

    Question importing queries

    just finished importing queries into a new db, as well as all other objects. the queries no longer have their relationships set (though i did ask for them to be imported). not only that, most of the field names are prefixed by 'Expr'. how do i keep the relationships and names? there's some kind...
  10. wazz

    Tip dangerous coding errors (news link)
  11. wazz

    reversed references

    is there a way to find out if an .mdb is referencing me? (i think this was asked in the past couple months but i can't find it now.) tnx.
  12. wazz

    what are you reading?

    the recent thread by oumahexi has me inspired to ask: "What are you reading now?" me? Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. (1979) By Douglas R. Hofstadter. Vintage Books Edition. what's on your nightstand/barstool? just post your current book. when you start your next book, come back...
  13. wazz

    bedtime for bonzo

    ok. it's 5.30 a.m. i'm going to bed. ;)
  14. wazz

    two indexes on one field?

    i've noticed that two indexes are created on the same field. index name | field name --------------------------- primary key | UserID (for example) UserID | UserID Why is that (UserID as a foreign key maybe?) and can one be deleted?
  15. wazz


    i still haven't installed office 2003 sp3 AND windows xp sp3. are there enough updates and hotfixes out there now to stop worrying about installing these? should i bother?
  16. wazz

    one app or many?

    i have several applications - related by subject matter - that perform different functions. the apps were developed separately because they perform quite different functions and for other reasons. but since these apps are "related by subject" most of these apps have similar or identical tables...
  17. wazz

    solution for mouse pointer problem while navigating images

    maybe you haven't had this problem - i have yet to find a link to this anywhere - but here it is: when i navigate through records on a form that contains (linked) images my mouse pointer goes nuts. it doesn't stay on the nav buttons, it zips to the middle of the screen and i have to reposition...
  18. wazz


    i'm having trouble writing/interpreting the filetype property of this code. the code searches all files in a folder and returns many different file types but prints "1" as the .FileType for every file. how do i get it to print "Microsoft Word Document" or "BMP File" or "Outlook Item" as...
  19. wazz

    how to search the forums

    when searching the FAQs you can specify 'Matching Options': match any words/all words/complete phrase. is this possible when searching the forums? i don't see it. i've tried using an ampersand and other things without any luck. it always uses an OR operator.
  20. wazz

    A Brief History of the Internet
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