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    Who likes them? Who doesn't? Why or why not? Thanks
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    Modular Design Theory

    Databases with well developed core functions are useful for many businesses. However, addressing the differences is imperative, and costly. So for these problems we can either create custom systems, or use modules. Not "code modules" actual components that are more customer specific and...
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    Reading Text Files

    Hey Guys, Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the second variable, please? Dim MyStr1 as string dim MyStr2 as string Open "TESTFILE" For Input As #1 Do While Not EOF(1) ' Loop until end of file. Input #1, MyStr1, MyStr2 me.txtStr1 = MyStr1 me.txtStr2 = MyStr2 Loop Close...
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    Outlook Integration Subjects Missing from Text Messages

    Emails that arrive from Text Messages display in Outlook properly. The subject is populated correctly. But in neither the direct link to the Inbox, or using Outlook Automation, will populate the subject field in the table. I was sure I had this working in Office 2013. Sadly other projects...
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    Getting Last Primary Key from SQL Server

    Has anyone experienced unreliable results from using this line of code to return the latest Primary Key? CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT @@IDENTITY AS LastID")!LastID Thanks,
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    Users Quit Program During Long Queries

    Is there anyway to keep user from closing the Database during long Queries? Thanks
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    Email Line Feeds

    Hey Guys, Any idea why this isn't line feeding? .HTMLBody = "A new NCR Request " & lngSourceID & " has been created!" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & " Source: " & DLookup("sSource", "tblSources", "sSourceID = " & lngSourceID) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _ "Location: " &...
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    Outlook Automation

    In multiple (Exchange) Calendars, on local Outlook. Is there a way to propagate appointments that are rescheduled in Outlook back the the equivalent Access Record? We're using the .Mileage field as a Foreign Key to create them in Access. If anyone knows where I can find examples...
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    Set Value in Multi Select List Box

    Is there a property to use when externally setting the value (and selected row) of a Multi Select List box. I don't seem to be able to find it. Thanks
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    Set Mouse Cursor not SetFocus

    Start condition: you have a button on a Form, or any control that will accept a click event, set to open a new form. If the button is located in the same place on the screen as a continuous subform the mouse will be hovering over the subform when the new form opens. This can cause jittering...
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    Taking Out the Trash

    Well, where to begin, no, I mean really. Where to begin? Bloat, bloat and more bloat. I'm guesstimating there are about thirty percent extra components, in a database with over a thousand major objects. This system was built by importing, and developing, forms, queries, tables and modules...
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    Open Dialog Initial View

    An idea why this is not working Dim fDialog As Object Set fDialog = Application.FileDialog(3) fDialog.InitialView = msoFileDialogViewLargeIcons I've tried a lot of variations. None seem to work. Thanks
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    SQL Server Security 101

    What is to stop a would be industrial spy from creating a new database, connecting to the "Machine ODBC" and inserting the data into new local Access tables. All that would be left to do is email the file, copy it or upload it to the cloud. Any ideas how to foul their attempt? I think you can...
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    Linked Outlook Tables

    Hey Y'all, There seems to be no end to the limit to the missing data in the linked Outlook tables. Is there anyway to get the Primary Key? I'm guessing no. Is there anyway to get the email address to be included in the "From Field" of the "Sender Name" These fields are identical and they...
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    Record Locking

    I have an Offsite Development Project that is working fine offsite 1. Can add records with queries. 2. Can Edit Data directly in form and in a linked table image in Access DB Front End 3. Can Delete record in Front End. The Customer IT folks set up the Onsite Server. I do not have direct...
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    Linked Outlook Tables

    Overall, I can't seem to find much to brag about linking to Outlook Tables. Specifically, Why is the text of a Text Message sent to an Outlook Inbox not in the Contents field when linked to Access. The received eMails are.
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    FMS Total Analyzer

    Has anyone tried FMS Total Analyzer, or something like it? We're moving a fairly large system to SQL Server, I'm trying to anticipate all the problems.
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    Access Installer

    Morning all, Is there an "Installer" available that will set up Local Folders, create a new ODBC connections, test to see if Access is installed, and then Install the Run Time if not?
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    Long Text Tables

    I tried to search this didn't find anything relevant. In a system where you are required to develop to avoid into the Maximum Open Databases limit. Is it better to have more "Notes" (Memo Data) tables or longer ones. A case could be made for each approach, so I welcome opinions on this?
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    Save VBA Where Statement in Querydef

    This string Variable is created by concatenating the value of a combo box and the results of a multi-select list. They could contain several other addition filters but it is like this for simplicity. The variable is strWhere debug.print strWhere returns this: ([lrStandardSpecificationID] =...
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