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  1. mamradzelvy

    Graph DBs vs. Relational DBs

    Hi, past few days i've been reading up on graph DBs in my spare time and i found it quite exciting. Has anyone here had any experience with those in a business enviornment? Also, anybody knows of any examples where a company would use a graph db for their day to day work switching from a...
  2. mamradzelvy

    PDF export predefined margins?

    Hi, i'm trying to export via vba to pdf, but i can't find a way to save print margins to be a default value, which would transfer to other machines as well so that it would always output the same file on any pc. DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "FormTEST", acFormatPDF, strPath & "\Report_" &...
  3. mamradzelvy

    Solved Include Form Header in rtf export

    Hi, is it possible to export a form header along with the actual contents of the form to word? This here is my test form (not the final thing) and i've been unsucsessful thus far with keeping anything but the form data, sometimes also the lines in between records. And here is the outcome...
  4. mamradzelvy

    Big scale check-box input logging?

    Hi, I've got a form for tracking repairs etc. done to PCs in our shop and i'd like to track who's checked a check-box. i got some 45-ish check boxes in there and i got a table column extra for each of these to store the data in of who did what, namely TempVars UserName, however, i figured there...
  5. mamradzelvy

    Solved Resize form on button click?

    Hi, I was wondering whether it's possible to change a form's width on demand. I got a nice form with a listbox on it and i was hoping i could make it expand, namely it's width to show more data within the listbox, but only if one so desires.
  6. mamradzelvy

    Why does this combo box not display the placeholder text?

    Hello, I got two combo boxes next to each other, one of which is a month selector and the other a year selector. For some reason i'm unable to display the placeholder text on my month selector. I have tried various combinations such as @;"Mesic";"Mesic" to make up for the fact that it has two...
  7. mamradzelvy

    Solved Sql outcome as a label?

    Hi, I can't find a way to run a sql code, namely this: SELECT sum(dbCash.CashTotal) FROM dbCash; and make it's output a label's .caption. Anybody knows how to do that?
  8. mamradzelvy

    Solved Saving a TempVars from a table value based on logged in user

    Hello, I have made a second post regarding this and more here. I just want to ask seperately in a diferent Forum section as i'm not sure i chose the right one before. I would like to save a TempVars value based on a column in my account table, but i don't know how to pull that data from there...
  9. mamradzelvy

    Solved a INSERT query that prints a users Full Name which is stored within the account Table.

    Hello, I Pretty much need to do exactly what's in the title. I've got a "BElogon" table where i save all my User Information, there's one row for a full name which i would like to save now into a record from an unbound form where i use a simple query like this to populate the records columns...
  10. mamradzelvy

    ListBox Formatting, increase row size to fit text?

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to handle somewhat lengthy descriptions within a listbox without making the row longer but taller instead, is there a way to adjust a listbox's rows to scale automatically to the text? I'm trying to avoid listview as i have no experience with ActiveX and seeing as i...
  11. mamradzelvy

    Solved how to properly check for a combobox value on one form from a pop up form?

    Hi, I have a form that tracks our currently pending invoices. In order to "finalise" an invoice (set its Status from 0 to -1) i've got a pop-up form that has 3 buttons on it. Each button applies the -1 value into diferent records, one button takes a single selection from the underlying listbox...
  12. mamradzelvy

    Solved How to display a Yes/No field's value as custom text?

    Hi, I would like to modify the queries output value from "true;false" to a custom text, it currently outputs in my language something a direct translation would be "truth/not-truth" which is very unpleasant and disinformative for the users. Is there any way to modify this, or maybe directly...
  13. mamradzelvy

    Solved How are custom access applications made?

    Hello, i know about this piece of software that many people in my surroundings use, it's called "Altus Vario" and it's a business platform developed via acces, however what i don't understand is, how do they control the menu on top etc. Is that something you can normally modify within a .accdb file?
  14. mamradzelvy

    Solved How to select all entries that begin with a given value?

    Hi, I'm using a simple query to export records based on client names. And the WHERE part of my query looks like this WHERE (((Tabule1.TabKlient)=[Formuláře]![formTabuleMini]![txtKlient])) OR ((([Formuláře]![formTabuleMini]![txtKlient]) Is Null)); (This works well, "formuláře" is a valid syntax...
  15. mamradzelvy

    Solved Why does this piece of code give me an error?

    Hello, I got this neat little thing somebody offered as a solution a while ago to a problem i had. It's a "do you want to save changes?" type prompt, however, on selecting "no" it always results in an error, what's wrong with it? the error is being caused by the docmd.close line apparently and...
  16. mamradzelvy


    Hi, today i've encountered the strangest error yet. I back up my project very frequently (after any major change or implementation of any kind) I had a perfectly well working front end which i have backed up and copied over to several machines. It randomly stopped working even though NOTHING has...
  17. mamradzelvy

    Solved Print TempVars value to text?

    HI! I'm trying to have a little piece of text on my menu form which would display the currently logged in user. I handle the log in process via TempVars(UserName) but i'm unable to print it's values into text that would display on a form. Any tips on how to go about this?
  18. mamradzelvy

    Solved Custom column names on export to excel?

    Hi, is it possible to have my query pull data from the db and put it under new custom column names for the excel export? I have a db with shortcuts which are not exactly pleasant to look at by anybody but me and i would like to be able to export these under diferent names without actually hard...
  19. mamradzelvy

    Opening a project in a minimized window without using a shortcut?

    Hi, I stumbled upon this guide. And i also tried the method as described in the comments which is: But i didn't manage to get that running, when i try to put the VBA code into my opening forms on load event, it gives me an error, saying "ribbon" is not valid. So my question: is there another...
  20. mamradzelvy

    Proper way to use option control groups

    Hello, I'm struggling to find a good guide on option control groups, radio buttons and check boxes mainly. I'm trying to make a month selector for a query i use for export to excel, but on my own i just wasn't able to put it together. Is there a guide somewhere, or do you have any tips on how to...
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