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    How should I change my tables design on this project?

    Buenos días to everybody. I'm preparing a db for the production department of my factory, it's an aggregates and gravel factory. Its progress it's now over 75%, but I'm beginning to think that I missed the table design and I'm in time yet to change it. So: -In the factory there are four...
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    Populate form from date control

    Hi there, guys. I have a form with several fields from a table. One of them is the date. I'd like to populate this form by clicking in the date control and picking a date from the calendar picker. If the record exists, the form is filled with the data and the operator is able to update the...
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    Hi from Spain

    Hi there, guys. I'm an spanish maintenance engineer. Currently I'm working on a new factory, as maintenance manager, and the entity of the facility, which is quite big, needs, for the maintenance plan, an access db. I began with an excel workbook, but quickly I realized that it wasn't enough. I...
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