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  1. snlodge

    Custom Report Requires Four(4) Rows of Detail

    I'm looking for assistance in understanding how to make a standardized four row (record), per page, Access report, even if there is only one(1) or two(2) record(s) related to each grouping. Essentially, if there is one(1) record, the query would add the required blank rows, to total four rows on...
  2. snlodge

    Issue with Word document as Access OLE Object!

    What I've done to this point... created a ole object field called "document" within a table (Used to paste a word document in to), created a tabbed form based on the above table, The form has one tab completely devoted to the “document” field that contains all the...
  3. snlodge

    Hi from East York, Ontario, Canada

    Halo, I got introduced to Access in 2009, and have enjoyed it since. I wouldn't say that I'm an expert, I'd probably sum up my experience as a novice with a lot of experimental Access use. I recently started playing with VB coding, but it's really basic stuff for me. I mainly used the Tables...
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