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  1. mrrayj60

    Print a pdf or a jpg from a form

    I need to print a pdf doc from this form - Whats the best way to show it to the user so I can tell them to click the button? The document is in a set location on our server so I can embed a exact path if needed Thanks Ray
  2. mrrayj60

    Access 2003 and Windows 10 pro

    Will access 2003 work on windows 10 pro without the jet 4.0 and I cannot get the jet downloads to install? I have not been able to get mine working Thanks - Ray
  3. mrrayj60

    Autonumber field reset

    Is there a way to tell the autonumber field to use a specific number next. Somehow my numbering jumped from 5259, 5260 etc to 16314512, 16314513 sequence. Because these numbers are so high even deleting the records does not let me go back - I fear the only option is to export and re-import the...
  4. mrrayj60

    Delete button in Form

    The delete button in my form was installed using the command button wizard. When I delete a record it deletes the record but leaves a blank record and then I have to go and delete the blank record too. Is there a way to delete a record and not leave a blank? Thanks in advance - Ray :banghead...
  5. mrrayj60

    email formating and adding txtfirstname

    This form button will send an email to this persons email address, its under onclick event-I would like skip a line or two and then add txtfirstname, txtlastname,txtaddress,txtaccount to the last part of the email, they are part of the form...any suggestions? DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, ...
  6. mrrayj60

    removing upwanted spaces

    My form has this after update code. Well my users are adding spaces in the tag number and makes it difficult to sort. They appear as ABC 123 instead of ABC123. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ray Me.License_Tag_Number = Trim(UCase(Me.License_Tag_Number)) Thanks, pbaldy Private Sub...
  7. mrrayj60

    hour total, grouping or qry

    My report gives me the total records created by date. Manager wants to broken down by shift entries. My table has a field createtime. Ive tried toying with this grouping in the report but no luck. =DatePart("h",[createtime]) Using it in a query gives me zero records. Should I be looking into...
  8. mrrayj60

    error 2501 The SendObject was cancelled

    I have a button that opens outlook and puts the forms email address in, click send and everything is good. If I close the email without sending it gives me a runtime error 2501 The SendObject was cancelled. It's only a problem if I do not send an email. Any thoughts? Thanks, Ray Private Sub...
  9. mrrayj60

    Protecting data in simple query

    I dont want my users to accidently change data (name, addr, etc) in this query, only allow them to register a vote yes or no. I cannot find any lock or enable in the query properties. Thanks for your help, Ray :confused: SELECT residents.num, residents.recordid,
  10. mrrayj60

    update memo field after report(letter) runs

    I send a letter from my form via a control button, now I would like to add/update the memo that a letter was sent to this owner. I think I need an update query but I'm not sure where I should add it, after the report/letter prints or a seperate control? Suggestions? Thanks, Ray Dim...
  11. mrrayj60

    Report will list unlisted phone number

    I run a report to produce a phone list, I can only put the name in the book if they opted in (new law). But some just want to be listed in the book but not their unlisted phone numbers. This logic lists everything as 'unlisted' Can anyone see the problem I have? They are checkboxes with the...
  12. mrrayj60

    If Me.txtstatus Like "SP" Then Me.txtlbl1.Visible = True

    Hey All, need a little help with one. Using this in the On Open of my form. If Me.txtstatus Like "SP" Then Me.txtlbl1.Visible = True But the SP in the record status is sometimes preceded by PO-SP or LI-SP My code only works if the SP is the leading characters SP-PO. I've looked thru...
  13. mrrayj60

    run repors back to back

    I would like to run another report after this report the next report is ltrvrc, can it be done at the same time or do I need to make a new control button? Thanks, Ray Private Sub cmdcltr_Click() Dim strDocName As String Dim strWhere As String strDocName = "ltrcitation" strWhere...
  14. mrrayj60

    iif with a checkbox on phone number

    Report on residents. =IIf([unlisted]=True,999-999-9999,[phone]) Unlisted is a check box and if its checked we dont want to print the phone number. data source is a query, the result is #error in phone number. Can anyone shed some lite on my problem, Thanks Ray
  15. mrrayj60

    Using the createtime to count items

    I need to make a report of the amount of records entered into a table based on shift hours; ie midnight shift entered X records, mornings did x and swing did x total entries for the day = xxx how do I count using the time, >07:00:00 AM < 03:00:00 PM Thanks, Ray
  16. mrrayj60

    sql code for Append Qry

    I need some help adding records from one table to another. I want to add a record for a date range the user enters. The fields from VRC would be added to VRC Fines would be duplicated except for one, Finedate. That field would be for the dates the user inputs. He enters 01/01/10 - 01/07/10 would...
  17. mrrayj60

    appending records using start date end date

    Let me see if I can explain my need. I've been adding a recording to a fines table one record at a time. I enter the fine date (txtfinedate) on the form and an amount (txtfine1) and the append qry copies this data to the fines table. It works ok, what I would like to do is add each record if I...
  18. mrrayj60

    Name search to read exact?

    My screen lets the user type in a name to find residents but they want it to be a closer exact. Now if your type James you'll get people with the first name of James included but they just want the last name. The field is last, first. Thanks, Ray Private Sub txtSearchReg_Change() Dim...
  19. mrrayj60

    adding users name when create record

    Does anyone know how I can add the users name to the field in my table createdby, using their login name. I already add the date/time but would like to capture the user that entered the data. I'm using access2003 with security login. Thanks, Ray
  20. mrrayj60

    Security issue, cant edit forms

    2003 access, using security. I've read the setup procedures but have a problem editing forms when other users are in the database. I can edit tables or qrys but when I want to edit a form it wont allow me to save the changes and the form is not being used by any users, in fact all forms return...
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