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    HTML Code for Email Body Text

    Hi, I am using an Access form and VBA to send multiple emails at the same time. Everything is working fine. However, now I would like to include some HTML code in the Email body as I would like to put a URL link as part of the text message to the recipient. An idea of the HTML code I'd like...
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    Issues with List Boxes

    Hi, I am currently working on a database and have some little issues with list boxes on forms. Some formatting issues which seem simple but can't figure out ... I'm attaching a sample DB with one table and one form having a list box. 3 things which i'd like to have with my list box : 1. is it...
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    Problems with continuous forms

    I am having problems with Continuous forms....I had already started this in another thread but now i restructured a bit and better to start new... Attached i'm attaching a sample DB with what I have... In Form1, i have a subform the footer of the continuous form i have a...
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    Continuous Forms

    I have a form where I'm entering data relating to each inbound shipment such as date of arrival, vessel name, etc...however i'd like also to enter invoice numbers and values that cover each shipment. one shipment can have more than one invoice. this means that for one shipment i need to enter ...
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    Mouseup Event on a ListBox Control

    I am encountering a strange problem... I have a listbox on a form and I'm trying to get the ListIndex value when the user right-clicks on the form. I'm trying to do this by using the MouseUp event...however this is not returning the right values all the time for some reason...The OnClick event...
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    Is there a right-click event ?

    I have a list box control on a form and i'd like to set up a right-click property. Can this be done at all? When I open the Events tab on the property window..there is no right-click property :confused: Thanks!
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    VBA / Excel problem

    Hi, I have a routine in Access VBA that opens an Excel spreadsheet and creates a pivot table on a sheet named 'Pivot' and then gives the user the control in Excel. The user can then save the spreadsheet. However, I'm getting a problem that if the user tries to run the routine again, an error...
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    Access/VBA or VB.NET or ?!

    i have recently design an access database with integrated VBA and this is working quite well..this system records bookings for supplier returns, amendments, despatches, tracks failed bookings, supplier data mgmt,'s a split DB with backend/frontend and used by about 5 users (some of whom...
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    strange user doesn't get backend data

    i have my database split (backend and frontend) - both are residing on the server in different folders...users can't have it on their desktop since we're running on a Citrix server and each user only has a thin client. Now currently I've got 3 users to the system. 2 users can use the system...
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    problem,...need help!

    i am experiencing a relatively strange problem (at least to me!) i have a database split frontend/backend...both files are on the server in different folders...i can't have the frontend stored in each user's terminal since each user only has a thin client connecting to a Citrix central...
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    continuous forms

    I have just created a new continuous sub form within a main form to display bookings of a particular date. The date field is in the main form, when updated, the data in the sub from updates. Before this, I was using a list box, however I changed to a continuous sub form since I wanted to have...
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    VBA SQL syntax error

    I am having a problem when updating a field in a table through VBA SQL..the query works fine mostly, it only encounters a syntax error when the user enters the ' (apostrophe , or whatever it's called!)... My code looks as follows: Comments.SetFocus If Comments.Text = "" Then...
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    List Box Data Output

    I have a list box control on a form which is being populated by a query. It is showing bookings that are placed on three shifts (AM, PM, Night shifts)...the list box is working fine... - what i'd like is that the output in the listbox is seperated by shift (maybe having a blank line when shift...
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    List box stays on top :(

    I have a list box on a form, as well as a tab control...I need the tab control to be on top of the list box...I tried doing Format > Send to Back (list box) or Bring to Front (Tab Control)...but to no avail.. List box still stays ontop...any ideas? Thanks :)
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    closing a database from another database

    i currently have two databases open...database A and database B...i would like to close database B from database A through VBA coding... reason for this is that i would like to close A in order to be able to delete it and replace it with a newer version.. i have searched these forums for this...
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    want to stop execution!

    i have created a new utility DB that has only one form..when it opens I set the startup form "Main" and on the OnOpen event of this form I have some code to open another database and close this one... this means that whenever i open this database, it opens, opens up the other one and this...
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    very weird problem :(

    i have a form which had VBA code attached to it...i encountered one error while running it (was trying to open a recordset without assigning the connection name) soon as i went back to design view and click the 'code' button to access the code, the design view refreshes twice but the VBA...
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    Strange image problem in Access Report

    I have managed to export data from Access to Excel, create a pivot table and pivotchart and save the chart as an image using the "xlApp.ActiveChart.Export "Chart.GIF", "GIF"" command. This works fine and I get the chart correctly (as you can see on the attached file Chart1.GIF). However, now I...
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    Export Excel Chart to Access Report Automatically

    I am currently creating an automated process to export an Access query data to Excel, create a pivot table and pivot chart and update an Access report. Till now I managed to get to the point where in Excel I have the Pivot Chart exactly as I require. All I need now is to copy that chart and...
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    Querying a stored query in VBA

    Hi, I have the following SQL query in VBA ...the VBA code is running without errors... strSQL = "SELECT PlanDespDate,Planned_Qty,BookingType,ShiftName " & _ "FROM Booking_Compliance_B2;" rs.Open strSQL, conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic The problem is that...
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