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    Scrollbar Positioning Question

    Wondering if anyone found a solution to this yet: 'Put cursor at the end of the text box Me.txtBoxName.SetFocus Me.txtBoxName.SelStart = Len(Me.txtBoxName) The problem now is that even if 2/3 of the textbox is whitespace, the scrollbar still scrolls to the bottom of the box. Anyone...
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    Congrats to BobLarson, theDBGuy and PBaldy

    Just wanted to send a congratulations to BobLarson, theDBGuy, and PBaldy for their efforts noted on Their generosity has extended here, to Access-Programmers Forum, and though there isn't an official "recognition" page, they still deserve it.
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    Force Listbox Value w/o Me.Refresh

    Hey all :) Does anyone know how to force the value of a listbox to refresh, without refreshing the form? The form has a few controls that are based off of linked tables so I don't want to call the Me.Refresh if I don't have to because of delay times and performance issues. I am doing...
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    Textbox Concatenation Problem

    I was wondering if someone has had this problem before: I have a textbox on a report with the following control source, where SupF and SupL are the supervisor's first and last name respectively: ="Supervisor: " & [SupF] & " " & [SupL] What is being displayed when the report is run is...
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    Forum Project - All users contribute

    Just wanted to start something for everyone to contribute to. Thought this would be fun. Create a code-formatter that is able to take your VBA source code and format it for color and spacing to place in the forums. I've begun by loading in the reserved words into a table, with the color...
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    Access Jobs

    I'd like to see a section dedicated to people willing to pay for access projects, or people who can post positions open for employment at their company.
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    Where Condition Help

    Please don't criticize the naming, I've renamed to make the logic simpler to understand. I am trying to run a query based on the value of a textbox. Right now if the text box is empty it shows all the records. This is what works: SELECT A.ID, B.Weight FROM A LEFT JOIN B ON...
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    Dynamically Call Event Handler From String

    For some reason I didn't think this was possible, but I didn't want to throw all my cards away. Let's say I have a button called cmdButton and I would like to call cmdButton_onClick(). Does anyone know a way to do this by using a string. For instance, Dim sCtrl As String sCtrl = "Button"...
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    Attach Label to Control

    I want to attach labels to their respective controls (e.g., textboxes, comboboxes). Does anyone know how to attach the labels to the controls? It used to be that Access would produce a little error box that said they were unattached, but that is not coming up anymore. Tools>Options>Error...
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    DoCmd.CopyObject when not only user

    I am trying to make a simple chat interface for a database. There is a standard form I use as a template for chat between two people. When a member dbl clicks on the buddy list, I use DoCmd.CopyObject to copy the form for the two people. However, the CopyOjbect only works when only one person...
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    Unbound Subform Control

    The best way to handle this is to show you what it looks like and go from there, so please see the attachment. I have a subform used to track machine-part orders. The subform is bound to a table that has: - Part Num (PK/FK) - PO Num (PK/FK) - Paid Price - QTY The Part Num field is a combo...
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    Find which field has focus

    I have a button that has the ability to change two text boxes, depending on which one has focus. Does anyone know how to verify if a conrol hasfocus? If Me.ControlName1.hasFocus Then Me.ControlName1 = GetValue() Else If Me.ControlName2.hasFocus Then Me.ControlName2 = GetValue() Else...
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    Split OpenArgs to Multi-Dimension Array

    My openargs look something like this: "Form=Main;MondayOnly=True;X=2500;Y=800" Dim args() As String ReDim args(UBound(Split(Me.OpenArgs, ";")),1) 'resizes the 4 by 2 array args = Split(Me.OpenArgs, ";") 'correctly puts each section into array '--------------------------------...
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    Reset Form

    Hey guys, take your time with this - i'm not in a hurry, it's just slipped my mind. I'm reseting the form controls back to their default value. My code is as follows. For Each ctl In Me.Controls If ctl.Name Like "cbo*" Or ctl.Name Like "txt*" Then ctl.Value...
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    Label OnClick Event is calling Function Twice

    I'm making my own custom calendar and i have 42 labels (each holds a day). Eventhough there are a max of 31 days in a month, sometimes days start off on a Wednesday or a Saturday, so there are 6 rows of 7 labels for placeholders (see the attachment). In each label's onclick i have...
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    Remove Excel Row/Column Names

    Anyone know how to hide the Column and Row headings in Excel. Meaning, remove the "A,B,C,.." column names and "1,2,3,.." Row numbers so that you have a pure grid-based output. This is for a web based excel sheet generated by Access.
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    Office 2007 Beta

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. Microsoft has released beta of Office 2007, this includes a new UI to many of the old office programs. For the time being you can get it here: Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7 has also been...
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    Update Table from Another Table

    Update Table Using a Conversion Table Two Tables (one is a conversion table) examples below: Tbl1: Fld Location Conversion Virg Post Office Virginia Virg Government Virginia Virg School Virginia Virg Office Virginia Virg VA Mary...
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    Multiple MsgBox Buttons / Styles

    In WinAPI you can select different multiple themes for dialog boxes. I was wondering if it was possible to apply YesNo buttons to an Exclamation setting. For Instance: MsgBox(text,vbExclamation & vbYesNo) In an API I would just do: MsgBox(text,vbExclamation | vbYesNo) Not in any hurry on...
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    Report Formatting

    I have created a report based on a query that returns the following fields (from 3 different tables) [Employee ID] [Employee Name] [Supervisor] [Salary] It displayed just like that, but now we are trying to find the sum of the supervisor's worker's salaries. So I want to group all the...
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