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    duplicate record

    I have a form that is based on a query. When I try and use a command button (with wizard) to duplicate a record, I get an error. Will create a duplicate record in the index, etc... and you can not save the record. When I open the query directly, I can copy the record and paste the record...
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    Filter Button

    I'm using the following in a command button on a form... DoCmd.GoToControl "Field1" DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdFilterMenu How can I make it go straight to a contains text filter? Also, can I combine fields for this search? Thanks
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    US Map

    What is the best way to map my customers by zip code on a US Map? From my customer table. Thanks...
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    link tables remote

    I'm trying to link my tables to a remote location. I'm able to map a drive but link manager but link table manager gives me an error. Not a valid file name. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or if this is possible. Any ideas?
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    Control Chart

    Does anyone know the best way to create a control chart in access? Thanks.
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    Greater than, Less than

    What is the best way to state this... If [field1] is less than 20 and greater than 22 then... Thanks.
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    Database Corruption

    I've recently had database corruption rather frequently... So, I decided to split my database. But I'm still have corruption. Three times today. I know many things can be a factor but can anyone steer me in the right direction as to a possible cause or solution or check? Thanks...
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    Checking Fields

    I have a form that check for a condition on several fields. I'm using the following... If [field1] <> "*H*" then … (this works) if [field1] <> "*H*" And [field2] <> "*H*" then... (does not work when I put two together) I want to be able to check four fields at once. Not sure how to add...
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    link to a file

    I'm using the following code with a button... How can I make it look in another folder location too. Basically, if the file is in one folder or the other folder. I want to be able to look in either one. Dim strFileName As String Dim strFileExists As String strFileName = "\\folder123\" &...
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    Database Corruption

    I have Access 2019. My database file is on a "server" and three or four users connect at a time. From time to time, I make small design changes from one of the work stations. Every once in awhile, the database becomes corrupt. One is an can't find an id index (or something like that) and you...
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    Locked records

    I have a form that all records are locked. On the form, I have a button that unlocks the records. I also have several other buttons (save, refresh) on the form. I would like when someone clicks the save button and the records are locked "say records are locked" Thanks...
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    PDF images

    I have a report that has a background image (jpg or png) and it prints sharp when I print the report. I also have a command button that converts the report to a PDF. When I print out that PDF, the background image is fuzzy and not sharp. I'm using DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, , acFormatPDF...
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    Image Gallery

    Does anyone know an easy way to delete images from the image gallery? I can only delete one at a time by inserting images and the dropdown appears, right hand click and delete image. Looking for a easy way do delete several at a time. Thanks...
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    delay or wait

    What is the best way to delay VBA code? I would like to delay or wait for 3 seconds before it goes to the next line. Thanks...
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    combo box with event

    I have a textbox that has an event when you double click. It checks if a file or folder exists. It works perfect. I would like to change the textbox to a combo box but when I do that, the event will not work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    two page report

    I have a form with a button that opens a two page report. Works fine. I need to have a condition when a field valve is say "Fail" that it only prints out the first page. Just wondering if there is a way, other than me creating a separate report. I have several if that is the case. Thanks...
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    link to pdf

    I have a form with a button that links to a pdf. It works fine... Application.FollowHyperlink "\\customers\invoices\" & [Minvoiceno] & ".pdf" However, I would like to have a msgbox come up if the pdf does not exist. Not sure how to approach this... Thanks.
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    Copy Button

    I have a form and I would like to add a copy button. I would like to copy the contents of a field to the clipboard. The field is called "Test" Not sure how to do it... Thanks.
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    duplicate record

    I have a form that has a command button that duplicates the record. I use it for labels and things... I have to push the button the amount of times I need. How can I make something ask me how many times to duplicate the record? Thanks...
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    Search Key Not Found

    Every once in awhile I get the following error... Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time error '3709': The search key was not found in any record. This happens when I click a command button that is supposed to open a report. When it happens, it does not save the record. The only thing that fixes it...
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