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    Solved Joining not primary key with enforcing referential integrity

    Hi Guys, I have relationships something like here: And also i am using tblVolumes and there i have reference to serverClassID (i am not using relationships here because i have already used them in seperate case as above). Now i got one new table --> tblServerDetails where i have also key...
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    Solved Join between specific version and "All" field

    Hi Guys, i have 2 tables: and : What i want is to get left join between AppVersion and System from TAble2ToJoin and get all matching records but inclusind relation "AnyVersion" to "All". So all versions (4.1,3.1, etc.) should be joined with "All" from Table2Join. Result table should...
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    Joining nulls

    Hi Guys, i want to ask you once again about nulls in tables. I created 2 tables: And now i create query to check if records in TempTable exists in Target Table: The result seems to be ok even i have nulls here. When i am joining much more fields, like 15 like that sometimes nulls is not...
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    Solved Update Query changing nulls to string

    Hi Guys, i am using query to update nulls to "Null" string on temp table: UPDATE tblVolumeOSMountOptionsTemp SET OSType = Nz(OSType,"Null"), OSDistro = Nz(OSDistro,"Null"), OSVersion = Nz(OSVersion,"Null"), StorageProtocol = Nz(StorageProtocol,"Null"), ProtocolVersion =...
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    Automate creating query with Nz function

    Hi Guys, i have a table where i have nulls. I want to for each column where i have null use Nz function in order to have result "Null" as string. Problem what i have is that i have to go manually for each column, set up Nz function and it takes a long time. It is the way to automate it...
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    Adding new item into current subform record

    Hi Guys, i created simple example database to reproduce error with i am facing off. On my form i have Group: Men and Women and on subform i have Names and NumberOfPets: The combobox source is from People.NumberOfPets column. What i want to do is to update current record with the added...
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    Solved Creating combobox rowsource in quiry builder - sequantial number

    Hi, it is possible to not refer to already created query but to set up combobox values from 1 to 100 inside combobox source row property? Can anybody help? Best, Jacek
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    Make order in relationships

    Hi Guys, is there any button to place properly all tables in Access relationships window? Sometimes when i open i have very big mess there: Please help, Jacek
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    Why i am getting nulls as result in query?

    Hi, i would like to check corresponding fields from 2 seperated tables: tblVolumeNames VolumeNameID VolumeName 1 Vol1 2 Vol2 3 Null (blank) 4 Vol3 Temp_VolumeChanges ID VolumeName Name 1 Vol1 Paul 2 Null (blank) Jacek 3 Null (blank) John I want to check which volumeName is...
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    Importing CSV via wizard to Access table

    Hi, i am getting error while importing data from CSV: Why is that? I checked field Names and they are divided with double qoutes and Names are correct. Without any "_" or other special signs. Can anybody help? Jacek
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    Delete query is working very slow

    Hi, i have very simple query which is checkin if table in database has all fields from CSV (with no PK field) . If not - i am deleting them. Query looks like: SELECT tblOsServers.OsServerID FROM tblOsServers LEFT JOIN qryIm_TempOsServersDatabase2 ON (tblOsServers.ServerID =...
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    Composite Key relationship

    Hi Guys, i have 2 tables and want to relate them. tblOsServers is coming from Excel. Generally i do not have primary key but i created composite key in tblOperatingSystems on fields: Publisher, Sku, Offer as unique. And now i have table tblOsServers. Generally one OperatingSystem can...
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    FileDialog not filtering files

    Hi, i am using code like: sub test Const partialName As String = "OsServerRestriction" Const partialExt As String = "*.csv" Dim fd As Object Set fd = Application.FileDialog( _ DialogType:=3) Dim fileName As String With fd .Title = "Select " & partialName & "...
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    Good approach to writing advanced queries

    Hi Guys, i have to get CustomerTopologyID based on Temptable: I can not simple create joins like here because i have: generally i am breaking this query into 2 steps: first where i am getting CutomerID and TopologyID, and in second query i am left join it to CustomerTopology table to get...
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    Importing unique IDs from CSV

    Hi Guys, i have table which is imported from CSV. And i want to use uniqueIDs there for each OperatingSystem which i have there. But rows in CSV can be deleted or added or updated. How the process should look like and temp_table in Access? I should have autonumber Primary Key and additional...
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    Code to export each query to separate csv BUT with certain conditions

    Hi Guys, i want to export selected queries to separated csv files and do it via VBA. The problem is that my standard settings of Access are: And i have to always go to advance --> and change decimal symbol from ";" to "." and Field delimeter from ";" to ",". Is there any command to do...
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    Query to create higher or equal matched values

    Hi Guys, i have table like here: So KeyName and DiskSize corresponding. And what i want is to get this table: So for keyName P6-64-Premium_SSD i have 3 keyNames which DiskSizes are bigger or equal: P6-64-Premium_SSD, P20-512-Premium_SSD, P30-1024-Premium_SSD. For P20-512-Premium_SSD we...
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    Delete duplicates from table based on Find duplicates query

    Hi Guys, i created access built-in find duplicates query but i do not know how to delete from my primary table based on that table. Because in Find duplicates query are 2 records but i only should delete 1 of them. Can anybody help? To precise: I have main table with primary key. But in...
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    Combining tables in one sql instead of 2 in query

    Hi, i am trying to do in one query left join like here: as you can see it will work. Problem is that i have to match not only CustomerTopologyID but also ServerID with ServerIDFK in tblCustomerTopologyServers table. But when i am doing: i am getting error. Please help, Jacek
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    Importing data from CSV

    Hi Guys, i have one big 16 fields table which is imported from csv without any primary key. How to standardize data? How the ideal process should look like (if i do not have PK in source files). I should have multiple tables and load them to access ? And check if records are deleted or...
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