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    Solved Run code from a form before data has changed, but can't be on Form open

    Hi everyone, I have 2 forms: Frm_A & Frm_B. Frm_A is a small pop up which contains a combo box to allow the user to select a record to be passed to Frm_B and a command button ‘EDIT’ Frm_A and Frm_B are opened by another form at the same time with Frm_B being hidden until a command button...
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    Solved Replace combo box with text box to display query result

    Hi All, I wonder if someone could help please? I have a simple DB with one table, one form and 2 queries. (attached). The form has a pair of cascading combo boxes. The second query returns the highest number to the second combo box. Instead of displaying / choosing this maximum value in a...
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    Solved Saving a revised version of a record and keeping the original

    Hi all, This is my second post on the forum, and I am very much a novice. I hope that the following explanation is sufficient. I have a project where a form allows the user to record a series of events. Many of these events are chosen by cascading combo boxes, whilst others are just text input...
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    Solved Problems with getting cascading combo boxes to register selection on table

    Hi, First post here, so please excuse any transgressions. My skill level in Access could be described as very basic (at best)! I have used Access over the years but have always stuck to using form wizards to help me achieve the basic databases I need. However, I now find myself in need of...
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    Hi All, I am new to the forum and thought I would just say Hi! I live in the UK and enjoy foreign travel, although not at the moment given the current pandemic. I also enjoy photography and wildlife and try to combine all 3 hobbies wherever possible. My skill level in Access could be...
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