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    Parameter Query problem

    Hi, I'm a newbie with Access. I have a query where I have a Parameter to request surname, followed by a second one to request a first name. I would like the second one to offer an alternative of all possible first names. Is this simple to do? Thanks
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    Calculated field or query

    Hi Folks I'm very much a beginner, using Access for small hobby projects at home. I suspect I rarely use the most efficient way to do things, but they work. My question today is about names. At various points in my small family history project, I want to see names formatted as Surname, First &...
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    Hi from Edinburgh, Scotland

    New member here. Very, very, very amateur user of Access. I use it for quite a few home projects. Am capable of very simple programming, but often need a nudge in the right direction to overcome what are essentially simple problems. I like the challenge of solving problems in Access, so I...
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