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  1. Dick7Access

    Epson et-2750

    Anybody know how to scan from Epson et-2750 to computer? I have done it a few times but forgot how.
  2. Dick7Access

    This is a test

    Ok tera did you read this?
  3. Dick7Access

    New Post

    while we seem to be in a fixing mood, anybody want to take a stab at why when I post something it never shows up in new post.
  4. Dick7Access

    Access Old Version

    I still am not able to find the version of my very old db. Every time I google it, all that comes up is how to find the current version of access on my machine. anybody got a clue/
  5. Dick7Access

    Personalization Scroll Bar

    In Win 10 when in desk top personalization the vertical scroll bar is hidden. Does anybody know if there is a logical reason for that, or is Microsoft just being Microsoft. It’s not like it a crowded screen.
  6. Dick7Access

    Filter / Ordered by

    My form source is a query that sorts by dates. (Between #1/1/2020# And #12/30/2020#) However, when opening the form in datasheet view it ends records at July 3,2020. Checking the property sheet, I discovered the filter property had Filter: ((((tlbMain.enterDate) Between #6/1/2020# And...
  7. Dick7Access

    ICO / PNG Win 10

    Every time I look for an icon they are PNG's. All I can get to work on Win 10 are ICO's. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Dick7Access

    WEBP files

    I am trying to copy a bunch of WEBP files off the net and put them in my DB. The distortion is terrible. Using Paint, I have saved them in BMP and JPEG. What is the best way to get better results?
  9. Dick7Access

    Win 10 File Explorer

    Is it possible to get something besides Light or Dark in Win 10 File Explore?
  10. Dick7Access

    Append Query

    Due to having to swap out three machines because of sending them for virus removal, and other reason I find I have three access identical programs with mostly identical Ids and identical data but each with some different data. All stuff I don’t want to lose. My thoughts are use a append query...
  11. Dick7Access

    Drag a column

    Is it possible to drag a column in Excel like you can in datasheet view in Access? And ALSO: select all in Excel like Access I have googled it but did not find an answer, so I assuming it can’t be done, but in case I am wrong I am asking here. It is a pain to have to cut and paste every time...
  12. Dick7Access

    MotoZ4 Deleting Text

    MotoZ4. I have google this until my fingers were numb, and checked everything on the user’s Manual. I can only delete 1 text at a time. My wife’s’ phone the text message go back to 2017. How do I delete everything in one shot. There’s a button in upper right that says all, but it never does.
  13. Dick7Access

    File Transfer

    When set my phone (MotoZ4) USB to file transfer, my computer (Win10) it goes right to my phone Internal shared storage. I then have to click Internal shared storage > DCIM > Camera and can now download desired picture to my hard drive. How do I set my computer to have it go directly to camera?
  14. Dick7Access

    Parent / Child Relationship

    Is it possible to make a Parent / Child Relationship tables with OLE object like I do with short text?
  15. Dick7Access


    In my coin tracking db, I want to view only coins that have same Country, year and face value. I tried a duplicate query but that just brings up duplicate Countries and all the years, and all face values. I have duplicate coins, same country, same year, and same face value. How do I get such a...
  16. Dick7Access

    Android (MotoZ4) vs Apple (?)

    Just recently my old phone died. I had to buy a new phone. Verizon told the Moto z4 was just a new version of my old phone. I dislike this phone. It took three days just to find someone to show me how to get my dialing pad back. Now they tell me that my back up old flip phone will soon no longer...
  17. Dick7Access

    where's my post

    I have been quoted a few times for having duplicate post. Here is one of the reason. I posted an answer about my Motoz4 problem. 20 minutes later it still not showing up under lastest post. Whatn gives?
  18. Dick7Access

    Moto Z4 lost dialer

    I just recently had to buy a new phone (Moto Z4) about 2 hours ago I lost my dial pad. It will dial out numbers in my contact list, but I can't dial a number. I have just spent over an hour checking the setting and googling and can't find how to get my dialing pad back. When I hit the phone...
  19. Dick7Access

    Harbor Tool & Freight

    I don't think there are any Harbor Tool & Freight outside of the US, so this will just be aimed at US people. I have used them for years and always had good tools and service, but recently have had a problem. Have you had a problem with Harbor Tool & Freight?
  20. Dick7Access

    Not to Bright

    I will admit I am not the brightest guy on this forum, but this new format is driving me crazy. At first I thought it was just a learning curve but after all this time I still can find anything.
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