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    Like Function

    Hi All, Please could you assist I have a string value of 2010-0006-CN, I want the query to show me all records like this one When using Like "*2010-0006-CN*" I only get 2010-0006-CN but i know I also have a record 2021-0006 When I link this form to another form I would like to use below but...
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    Tables / Queries Duplicating Data

    Hi All, Hope all is well. I have a weird scenario where some users does some action, not sure yet as to what, where in some instances some data is duplicated, when I don't have any query designed to do so, as far as I know, unless I have a Update or Append query, where I did not notice the...
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    Excel Save as

    Hi Al Please could you advise on how to export to an excel spreads sheet but instead of the excel spreadsheet opening directly, I would like to have a "Save as" screen and then to select the location
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    Hi All, I need you help please On open, I have the following code which gives me a run time error When I remove this code from the sign on form, the DB runs well On the next form which opens, I have the same code but I do not get a run time error Any advice? I need the Navigation pane to be...
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    Hide Printing notification

    Hi All, In the email CDO code, I output the report to PDF. When emailing the report, the printing page 1 of 2, 2 of 2 pops up I would like to hide that popup but nit sore how or where to do this I tried hiding the the pop up but then for some reason the actual report opened which I do not wat...
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    Print Button

    Hi All, I have a few print buttons for a few reports on a print menu When the user clicks on print, instead of directly printing the report, i want the printer options screen to open first and then the user can select ok to print Please could you advise if possible
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    execution of this application has stopped due to a run-time error

    Hi All, Most of our users now have to use Access runtime instead of the full Office package When the users open the DB, they get a " execution of this application has stopped due to a run-time error" I have narrowed it down and comes from the code below Any suggestion on how to remedy this...
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    List Box effect

    Hi All, How do I remove the up and down arrow in text control on a form It looks like a list box effect The control is purely for viewing purposes, no selection to be made
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    End function

    Hi All, I would like to end the function if below results in null value and continue function if WPass is not null I am not sure how to end the function Please could you advise?
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    Strange behaviour

    Hi All, Me again :) My DB is behaving very strange Let be explain our setup I sit in the office with a wired network. The file in use is on a network drive When I use the DB, it works perfectly The engineers in the hanger utilize a wifi connection and also they sign on to the remote...
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    Unexpected closure

    Hi all, My one DB will just close unexpectedly without warning and a backup opens How do I trouble shoot the reason for this? I do my compact and repair often as well as debug
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    Column to list

    Hi All, please help again :) I need to convert email addresses from a table to a comma delimited list From Email_Address email1 email2 email3 to email1;email2;email3 please could you assist?
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    Auto Refresh

    Hi All, This will most probably be a silly question and I most probably know how to do this but i just can not think of how to action it I need to refresh a form when any of the data in the table is updated by other users The data on the form is from a copy of the Data Table so the form does...
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    Export Excel, rename file

    Hi All, please could you assist. I am exporting a query in excel. I would like to add a control name from the active form also, i would like to rename the object name if possible, depending on selections made in my form example: I want to add a Registration as a pre fix to the exported file...
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    Outlook to Gsuite

    Hi All, We have migrated from Outlook to GSuite Some users are still using Outlook for a few months. I now have to rebuild all my VBA codes to send to gmail Please could you advise on how to adjust my VBA code any chance to have the VBA code to check for GSuite users or Outlook users to have...
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    Login error

    Hi All, Please, i am in need of your assistance again I have a very weird phenomena when users log in 1. When I sign in via the network or via the remote desktop, access works just fine 2. When other users open the DB via Remote desktop, the menu form which opens after login page, is not...
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    Startup / Login

    Hi All, Please could you assist in a little issue I have The user click on a batch file on the remote desktop which makes a copy of the DB to the local pc When the Login from opens, the navigation pane must be hidden as well as the Ribbon. The system then shows enable contents, not sure how...
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    Update Query summary

    Hi all, Please help, i have a query that sums my data then from that i want to update a table with only the summary Update queries does not seem to like running from a summary query Why is this? what is the work around on this one please?
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    Multiple record Report

    Hi All, I have a report with quite a few sub report the main report was previously only 1 single record with the sub reports displaying data from different tables some time the report could go onto a 2nd page i now have to change the report so the user could select more than 1 record at a time...
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    Email canceled

    Hi, i am emailing a report, if the report records are null, then the email send must be canceled maybe with a comment that there is no records to be mailed at this point in time if there is no record, the message i receive is the sendobject action was canceled then a end and debug screen Below...
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