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  1. Steve R.

    Covid - Origins This seems to be a typical lackluster investigative report that (purposely)...
  2. Steve R.

    Solved Connecting Microsoft Access to Firebird via ODBC Driver

    In link hopping, I ran across this article that may be of potential interest should anyone be using or planning to use Firebird.
  3. Steve R.

    HIV Reporting Privacy Compared to Covid Privacy+

    The media's reporting and the public's discussion concerning Covid and HIV are radically different. When HIV first entered the public realm (circa 1981), the LGBT community, from what I remember, rose-up to assert that people cannot be discriminated against nor asked questions concerning their...
  4. Steve R.

    LibreOffice 7.2 release candidate - Microsoft-compatible

    For those looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office there is LibreOffice which is free and comes in both a Windows version and a Linux version. Even if you are not looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, it may still be worth a look. "LibreOffice is a powerful and free office...
  5. Steve R.

    US Supreme Court's Opinion on Arizona's Voting Laws

    Grumble. :mad: The US Supreme Court recently upheld Arizona's voting laws. Kagan wrote a 41 page diatribe condemning the decision. So I thought to take a look at what she had to say. Turns out that none of the news sources bothered to mention the actual name of of the lawsuit (BRNOVICH v...
  6. Steve R.

    Need an RDBMS Beyond MS Access? These databases need not be limited to the intent of: "Web Design and Development"; they can successfully be applied (just like MS Access) to being used on personal computers for single use and/or on a local LAN for a business.
  7. Steve R.

    Bitcoin's Achilles' Heal

    Answer: Electric Power. Seems that China has taken a dislike to Bitcoin and is suppressing the availability of electric power in China for Bitcoin mining.
  8. Steve R.

    Democrats Play the Long-Game

    Democrats know how to play the long game, even if we perceive it to be bizarre. I've already discussed how the Democrats appear to be using unemployment benefits to create a temporary ersatz "Universal Basic Income". Once those unemployment benefits run-out, the Democratic hope is that the...
  9. Steve R.

    HTML Version of MS Access Not-In-List Event

    An MS Access feature that I have missed, is the Not-In-List event. Developing a Linux compatible version became one of those personal challenges. I'm currently using Linux (Mint) as the operating system. Using MariaDB as the database. Accessing the database through Firefox, using the...
  10. Steve R.

    What Goes Around, Comes Around Twitter claims that: "Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society. " The Verge is blatantly left wing, so it it interesting to observe that this...
  11. Steve R.

    Windows Update A question for those using MS Access, how will this update affect Access? Is Microsoft still trying to deprecate Access?
  12. Steve R.

    Trivia Challenge of the Day

    The Simpson cartoon below was appearing (day after day) on one of those sponsored articles that goes on and on and on and on :sleep:. I finally broke down and quickly went through the "slideshow". The answer to that cartoon was never presented. But as luck would have it, sitting back idly...
  13. Steve R.

    Biden the Plagiarist

    Biden gave a graduation speech at the Coast Guard Academy. In that speech, Biden made one of his infamous gaffs. Fox News, of course immediately jumped on that as some-sort of distasteful gaffe requiring condemnation. My reaction, upon seeing the video clip, was that this was simply a joke that...
  14. Steve R.

    Help Wanted?

    Help wanted signs are everywhere. Yet the unemployment rate is hovering around 6%. The accepted "science" behind this are that the stimulus checks and extended unemployment benefits constitute a "temporary" "Universal Basic Income". This has created a financial incentive to stay at home as...
  15. Steve R.

    Your Reaction to Biden's Speech Before Congress (April 28, 2021)

    It was generically a "good" speech for the gullible masses full of appealing "universal" goals (education and employment) that no one can really object to. But, in the end, if you think about it; it was meaningless, hollow, devoid of substance. My opinion of this speech was also "pre-poisoned"...
  16. Steve R.

    Post Covid Economy, Taxes & Inflation

    A very good question. I'm finding the economic news to be baffling, in the context of it being removed from (concrete) reality. Opinions, at this time, are essentially premature since economic trend data is "unclear" and frustratingly lacking "correlation". As one anecdotal observation...
  17. Steve R.

    A Cute Cartoon
  18. Steve R.

    Post Chauvin Trial Aftereffects

    For the Democrats, the Chauvin trial was not a legal trial, but a political trial that will be used as a springboard to accelerate the false narrative that the US is "systematically racist". Pelosi has called Floyd a martyr for the cause. President Joe Biden Calls Chauvin Guilty Verdict ‘A Step...
  19. Steve R.

    Trump Voters Live in the Utopia Leftists Want Something to seriously consider. A developing problem is that those escaping the big cities to live in utopia, should they continue to vote Democratic, will be...
  20. Steve R.

    US Post Office Introduces Star Wars Droid Stamps

    New ‘Star Wars’ Stamps Are Coming This Spring Issue date: May 4, 2021.
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