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    Help On Form Converter, and a go at Mockers

    I must start by saying yes I’m a newbie not experienced unlike die hard access experts. I joined this forum because it sounded like newbies were welcome, but a minority of experts seem to revel in comments like practice makes perfect etc. and I should know what I'm doing so to them please go and...
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    AUID Number showing instead of text

    I have a table when viewed you can see the values in text form, when referenced in a form text appears as a number, which I don’t want. The field gets its information from another table (table1a) in the main table lookup properties is the reference to the second table (table1a) in the design...
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    Run-time error ‘3075’

    My database is based and dissected from the old Northwind database which works well enough for me BUT the database does not support searching for inverted commas e.g. its is fine but search it’s and it produces a pop up error message as follows Run-time error ‘3075’ Syntax error (missing...
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    Just Sighed up

    Hello all I have been using access for my record database for years but struggled to get a sate base up and running but I can’t overcome one problem, to do with searching a database and I wonder where the best place on the forum to post the question. Hope someone can help
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