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  1. Zc kaiva

    Using textbox value for DCount() #Error

    I have a textbox 'Text1' which stores date value entered as report parameter on my report. When u use it with dcount() as criteria it gives me #error. This is what i have. =Nz(Dcount("[BusNo]","[qryBus]","[qryBus].[RegDate]=[Text1]"),0) Can anyone help me find my mistake?
  2. Zc kaiva

    Enter date criteria only once for Report and subReport.

    For eg. Report1-main report Subreports. SubReport1, SubReport2. When i open my main report, it asks me to enter criteria( date) 3 times. Is there any way i can enter date criteria only once for all reports?
  3. Zc kaiva

    DCount problem, count including blank

    Hi all, i want to count all records inside AmBus column inside query qryBusCountName excluding blanks (" " ) But DCount is counting blank fields as well. =Nz(DCount("[AmBus]","[qryBusCountName]"),0) How can i exlcude blanks in my count?
  4. Zc kaiva

    Hello all,

    Am a programming starter, and access is pretty new to me.
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