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  1. statsman

    Does your spouse support the same political party as you?

    In my own community it has been suggested from time to time that I stand for public office. My response is always the same. "I have a sense of honour and I value my credibility. Politics is too tawdry a business for the likes of me."
  2. statsman

    USA Independence Day

    In six months we will be entertained with the folks who don't celebrate Christmas railing against that holiday as a violation of the concept of separation of church and state.. I am baffled why these people don't volunteer to work that day to give those who do celebrate it the day off. Police...
  3. statsman

    Solved Item not in the collection of Combo Box but shown as default value

    How about replacing the text in the current label to Select One?
  4. statsman

    Conditional Formatting on multiple fields

    We'll see if I can make my point. The pool under discussion is what's known as a "cutthroat" pool. It may have other names in other places. Each week 32 teams in the NFL play football in 16 games. The pool participants are required to select one team they feel will win their game. (just as an...
  5. statsman

    Conditional Formatting on multiple fields

    Just an example MasjP. No need to get upset. :) In this case, those participants who chose Baltimore would be highlighted as it would determined who is eliminated. It could work just as well as those who chose the Bengals being highlighted. Remember, there are up to 16 games per week and any...
  6. statsman

    Conditional Formatting on multiple fields

    I am doing an NFL pool. This pool calls for each participant to select only one winner each week. If the team selected loses, the participant is eliminated. As there are as many as 16 games each week, I would like to highlight the players and teams that lost. Example: Player 1 chose...
  7. statsman

    Report Sorting using percentage

    Just for future ref. Access will not allow sorts on expressions in queries. However, it will allow them using the sorting and grouping function in the report. I just discovered this myself after trying to get a query sort on a percentage expression. One of those "more than one way to skin a cat"...
  8. statsman

    Meteor Impact Imminent!

    We are all going to die...someday. The point of the exercise it to put that day off as long as possible.
  9. statsman

    Titles are Not Printing in the Sub Report

    What you place into a page header in a subreport is not displayed when you insert it into the main report. You have to put it into the report header of the subreport.
  10. statsman

    Keeping Groups together

    That was what I used. I almost never use columns or grouping in reports so I wasn't even aware this function existed.
  11. statsman

    Keeping Groups together

    So I scrolled down a big and found wiklendt's contribution on this subject and it works perfectly. Amazing function that search button. Sorry if I wasted your time.
  12. statsman

    Keeping Groups together

    I'm using Access 2007. I have a report for the players in a league. There are only 4 members per team and the data is pretty simple. Just the name, team and the games played and won. I have them grouped by team and in two columns in the report. What I would like to do is keep each team...
  13. statsman

    Open form on blank record

    Thanks June, I will give it a try. Before people start typing, there will never be more than 17 records in this table.
  14. statsman

    Open form on blank record

    Is it possible to open a form on a blank record without setting the form to Data Entry? I would like to open the form on the first available blank record, but using the record selectors, allow the user to go to other records for editing. For reasons that would take a great deal of typing to...
  15. statsman

    Autonumber question

    I downloaded this off another forum some time ago. The paper is yellow its so old but it works great. I don't recall whose code it is but it works like a charm for year and sequence. If you recognize it please claim it. (quote) Create two fields in your table: TheYear - long integer...
  16. statsman

    Massive Font for Race Bibs

    Is there any special reason why the bibs must be printed from Access? It seems to me if you have 200 runners the bibs can be printed in any word processing software (like Word) that allows you almost unlimited sizing. You could even do a mail merge to Word from Access.
  17. statsman

    Delete from 2 tables on 1 form

    It's an annual event and I have categories for patrons. "A" indicates they made a contribution last year. "B" indicates they have made contributions in the past, but not last year. "C" indicates they have not made a contribution for 2 plus years. I think I can accomplish the same thing by...
  18. statsman

    Delete from 2 tables on 1 form

    After reflection I think DBGuy is probably right. I'll hang onto the records in case a Patron returns. But thanks to all.
  19. statsman

    Delete from 2 tables on 1 form

    I am currently working on a charitable event database in Access 07. I have two tables. Patron contains the data for people who have donated in the past (name/address etc.). Donations contains the data regarding their donations (year, how much, type of donation etc.) After 3 years with no...
  20. statsman

    Things to look for when a Report mysteriously asks for parameter

    Check your spelling. It's amazing how often that's the problem.
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