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    How to create a teble from a query

    Hi! I have a result of a query and i want to make a table from that result.
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    How To New

    Hi! I got this two pictures one is the query and the other is the result of the query now i just want to group by sucursal and how many are them.
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    How To

    Hi! In here you see the query and the result. In the result i need to group by sucursal and count by numero_sucursal. to see how many loan_num are by sucursal. and the rest i want it to stay as it is.
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    How do I?

    Hi! I want to count loan_num nad how many accounts by branch something like the picture of excel. if i need something else tell me. thanks appreciated
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    Now it gave me this

    Thanks Brianwarnock Now it ask me this
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    If this is the correct join

    i have try this but the querie freeze i have to put end task to terminate the quey
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    I need to group by and count

    In the form i have here there 4 columns the first one i have to count and group by branch_number. I have put group by and count in those coilums and take to long. the coulmn branch number has this criteria CDbl(Right([DBA_INC_LOAN_BANK]![BRANCH_NUMBER],3)) how i can put this because i want to...
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    Thaks but that is not what i'm looking for the code works

    Thanks! But that is not i'm looking for i have three coumns in a query one is the expr above the other one is the number of the bank that if is equal to the expreesion gave me the result of the third column that has the name description
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    The code works but

    the code cdbl works. Expr1: CDbl(Right([DBA_INC_LOAN_BANK]![BRANCH_NUMBER],3)) this it the way i put it and it works now this result is in three digit number and i have to compare it to a field that whe you compare it could gave me a name for that value
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    How to Change a result

    To whom may concern I would like to know how to change a result that comes in txt formatting to numeric formatting. I'm using a query that i used this field Expr1: Right([DBA_INC_LOAN_BANK]![BRANCH_NUMBER],3) that could gave what i want, so it gave me what i want but in txt formatting.
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