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    Solved No Current Record Error

    Hi using access 2016 I have a sub form (Continuous Forms) and I have set Data Entry - No Allow Additions - No Allow Deletions - No Allow Edits - Yes And have a button to add a new record which gets information based on the main form. All fields are turned off until a new recorded is...
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    Incorrect number of records showing in a datasheet form

    When i run this code i only get 7 records but the debug.print tells me there are 8 records If i run the query and use the text filter i get 8 records Private Sub cmdAncestors_Click() Dim strWhere As String If Nz(TempVars!vBirdID, 0) = 0 Or TempVars!vBirdID = "" Then Exit Sub...
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    Error 3211 lock table

    Hi I am getting this error on this code. it happens on the CurrentDb.Execute Error 3211 (The database engine could not lock table 'tbl_Names' because it is already in use by another person or process) Private Sub P2_Combo_NotInList(NewData As String, Response As Integer) On Error GoTo...
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    Convert form's Macros to Visual Basic

    Hi I used "Convert form's Macros to Visual Basic" but i am getting errors in the If(eval) line. I have a text field called SearchBox on a form called Suppliers Function Search() On Error GoTo Search_Err With CodeContextObject If (Eval("[Form]![SearchBox] Is Null Or...
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    Page Header and GroupHeader being repeated

    Hi all How do you stop the Page Header and GroupHeader being repeated at top of page. I have attached screen views to show what happens and how i have the form. Thanks
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    Hi I am trying to resize a form, but Me.WindowWidth but gives me a negative number on a 28 inch screen but it is ok on my 17 inch laptop i am using Abs(Me.WindowWidth) as a fix but only use's 3/4 of the screen Using access 2010 Does any one know why. :confused:
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    Question one to one relationship

    Hi i am using the following code to create a relationship. But it creates a one to many, and i need a one to one Public Function CreateRelation(primaryTableName As String, primaryFieldName As String, foreignTableName As String, foreignFieldName As String, RelationshipName As String) As Boolean...
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    table update

    I have 2 Tables Sections_New and Sections. Both have the same fields and data type. I am trying to copy the data from the Judge field from Sections into Sections_New using the following code the error is cannot find input table Sections_New. the table Sections is a linked table and Sections_New...
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    I am using VBA to change [myTableName]![myFieldName]!Required.Value = -1 I am getting error Error 2465 Can't find field '|1' referred to in your expression
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    Insert Fields into a table

    Hi I found this code and using it. My problem is i am addind a field called PhoneNum. it adds it ok but i want to change the InPut Mask to varMask = "!\(999" & Chr(34) & ")" & Chr(34) & "900\ 0000;;_" Public Sub fSetOrdinal(db As Database, strTbl As String, intOrdinal As Integer...
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    Split form record selectors

    Is it possible to hide the record selectors on a datasheet in a split form. They have a + and when you click on them it shows the sub form which i don't want them to use through the datasheet as it has code on some of the fields. Thanks
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    In design view subform appears as a blank white rectangle

    I have a button on my form to go to design view. When I change from form view to design view on a form with a subform, the subform usually appears as a blank white rectangle.:confused:
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    Find and Replace

    This question is about an old program called "Find and Replace 9.0" by Rick Fisher I used to use it when I had Office 2003 now I am using 2010 and it want work anymore. The program provides a "Find and Replace" function for Tables (searching design elements such as field names, not the data in...
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    Question calculate inbreeding

    Hi. I am building a database for bird breeding. Does anyone know of any code / Function to calculate inbreeding and AVK. Cheers
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    Question ActiveX Controls

    Hi all Does anyone know anything about an ActiveX Control ciaXPSpin30.XPSpin30 I find them good except that you can't change some of the values. ie Max, Min etc The max is set at 10 and i would like to set it to 3000 and the Min to 2000 Any idea's Thanks
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    Enter Password for Select in

    I have written a database for bird shows. I need to see what data is changed in a table. in a query from a different database. I have this SQL SELECT Exhibitors.* FROM Exhibitors IN 'M:\InFlight\Data\BirdShowData.accdb'; When i view it in design view it asks for the password which i enter then...
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    Moving from one record to the next

    Hi all What is the order of sequence when moving from one record to the next in a form? Is the On Current triggered first?
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    Lock table default values

    Hi I have a table that i need to lock the default value from being changed in table edit view
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    Hi to you all from New Zealand
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