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    An oddity with the first line of a report

    See the attached. I have a report which has a picture in the Report Header (it simply shows the UK divided in to regions). Below that the Detail section lists all the information relating to each region in three columns with two fields in each. (The data in the attached snippet is random for...
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    For an unbound object frame what is the format of the .SourceItem property? I have a chart in an Excel file which I am trying to reference as the source. The chart is a Sheet called [Graphs] and the chart named is [Chart 1] SourceDoc = C:\Users\Mal\Downloads\MapTransfer.xlsx and I can't see...
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    do macros still exist?

    I know they are deprecated, but in the current version of Access I have (version 2104 Build 13929.20016) there is no such option. If I go into any property sheet and click on the down arrow against a property, the only option I get is [Event Procedure]. I am certain there used to be a [Macro]...
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    Printing a form

    Trying to do this with a slightly better control over what is printed than using DoCmd.PrintOut. So was attempting to use: DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrintPreview This fails with the run-tie error 3270: Property not found. Why would that be? Mal
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    Missing fields

    You are being so good to me I thought I try your patience with another problem. Basically this whole thing is trying to convert something which works sucessfully in Excel into Access because you can't adequately lock down the tables in Excel to prevent people being silly. I'm sort of most of...
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    Solved Missing information in reports

    I have a report based on a moderately simple query. The datasheet for the query in the report's Control Source shows all the data correctly. However when I run the report based on this query, various entries in various records are missing. So for example, whilst all the records are shown...
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    Conditional formatting - what's wrong with me?

    My first introduction to this forum but I need a bit of help on conditional formatting. I have a calculated field in a report: =IIf([2018-19D] Is Null,"0",[2018-19D]) & "+" & IIf([2018-19S] Is Null,"0",[2018-19S]) which, pretty obvously appears, on the form as something like this 0+0, or 1+0...
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