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  1. isladogs

    Translate & Speak

    This sample database builds on the code that @arnelgp used in his sample Language Translator database in this thread Language Translator | Access World Forums ( Text translation uses the online Google Translate service and was based on that arnelgp found at How to Parse...
  2. isladogs

    Form Fade In/Out

    Someone sent me code to allow a form to fade in on load and fade out on close. He/she offered it as a possible addition to my Attention Seeking example database. Unfortunately I can't remember who it was. Attached is an example using a slightly modified version of the code supplied. Could the...
  3. isladogs

    Feast your eyes on three MS Access infographics

    I just found an excellent Access blog by Mark Gillis at Three Microsoft Access infographics. There are three PowerPoint presentations which clearly demonstrate the power of Access both as a standalone app and in conjunction with other Office programs. Excellent if you ever need to explain the...
  4. isladogs

    Access DevCon 2021

    The annual Access DevCon event will this year take place on 22/23/24 April. As was the case last year, it will be a virtual conference and the programme has just been released. Full details of the conference agenda can be found here. Registration and pricing is available here. As always it is...
  5. isladogs

    Problems editing posts on a tablet

    Hi I'm aware of some issues with posting threads at the moment As well as the Oops issue, there is a long term problem which makes editing the contents of posts difficult and time consuming on a tablet. If I want to alter or delete anything, I have to do so one character at a time which gets...
  6. isladogs

    Just testing the new voting system

    Test thread only. I selected Question in the header. Feel free to vote if you can do so and so wish 😏
  7. isladogs

    Its been an eventful week

    Like, I hope, most of you here, I've got through the last few months quietly and healthily in relative isolation. However a few things have gone wrong in the past week. First of all I went down with shingles. For anyone who doesn't know it is a painful itchy rash which can appear at any time in...
  8. isladogs

    Is Donald Trump his own worst enemy?

    I thought this was an interesting article The author is clearly neither a fan of Trump nor Biden
  9. isladogs

    New glasses needed for similar threads feature

    Not sure when this happened but the column headings in the similar threads feature are for some reason blurred and unreadable.
  10. isladogs

    Challenge to disable the shift bypass

    A member at Utter Access posed a challenge in this thread There were many critical responses to the idea of self destructing an app that may well have been purchased legally. I agreed with those comments and wrote the following in reply: - no Access file can ever be made 100% secure, If your...
  11. isladogs

    Palindrome day

    Today is 2 February 2020 or 02/02/2020. That's a palindrome whether the date format is dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy Next equivalent palindrome day not until 12/12/2121
  12. isladogs

    New points feature. Does it serve any real purpose?

    Apologies to Jon if I'm encroaching on his territory.... Two new 'merit' systems have been introduced in place of the old Thanks and reputation points. 1. Likes in place of Thanks. Jon is looking into merging the old Thanks with the new Likes. 2. A Points system based on the number of posts and...
  13. isladogs

    Another Access 365 bug

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ... After the debacle of the query is corrupt bug, there is another serious bug caused by the 1912 update to Access 365. This affects databases with SQL Server backends and has now been acknowledged by MS...
  14. isladogs

    Access Memory Leak patched after only 17 years!

    The latest Office Watch email that I receive contained a link to this article:Another Access memory leak finally patched According to the article the issue has existed in all versions of Access since 2002. It could potentially be used by hackers to obtain private information though that seems...
  15. isladogs

    Suggested changes to reputation points

    A recent thread by Tera, Thanks or Like in site suggestions led on to a discussion about reputation points. I think the system is useful though like any such system it isn't perfect. I would like to propose the following changes to the use of RPs.which I believe will make them better...
  16. isladogs


    Happy New Year to all AWF members May 2020 be the year where we all have 'perfect vision' about the future
  17. isladogs

    Chip Pearson's website

    As many of you will know Chip died in April 2018. He ran an excellent website for Excel and VBA at Unfortunately, the site has recently gone down though archived pages can still be found at the Wayback Machine Internet archive website. Hopefully someone will take on...
  18. isladogs

    UK Postcode Address & House Price Lookup

    Attached is a simple app I created to get a list of addresses & house price info for selected UK postcodes together with the geo-coordinates and a static Google map for that postcode. It is a cut down version of my commercial application UK Postal Address Finder The geocoordinates for the...
  19. isladogs

    Free Access Repair Tool

    Has anyone here used the Access Repair tool from DataNumen? Its free for personal use and at first sight seems legitimate...but I'm suspicious. As far as I can see its just imports tables and queries into a new database…. including converting deep...
  20. isladogs

    Application.UserControl property

    This thread is designed to show how the UserControl property can be used to restrict how an application can be opened. Just one line of code is required in the Form_Load event of the startup form or in an autoexec macro. It has been done partly in response to a recent thread by calvinie...
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