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    hide toolsbar in MS Access 2013

    Hello MS Access temps, I use MS Access 2013 and I want to hide the toolsbar, just copy and paste what appears, thank you regards, Supiansyarif
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    different results ecel and ms access

    For all, Masters of Access please help, I am still learning about MS ACCESS The results from the Daily in Ecel are different from those in MS Access especially the calculation using percent Please be for enlightenment Best regards, Supiansyarif
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    multi list box in form

    Daer all Master MS Access I want to make a form with a list box, with two choices 1. First option Project Name 2. select both folders I have tried but always failed, to display the query please help, my mistake is this thank you Best regards, MS ACCESS supian syarif
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    use combo box

    Daer All Master MS Access for MS Access masters, I currently use MS Access 2010, and I want the steps to create a filter using the combo box on the form, I made the combo box inactive thanks, Supian
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