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    Updated data type from Integer to Long Integer, rebuilt relationships, still getting "value not valid"

    I recently had to convert a field in all of my tables because we hit the maximum limit. I rebuilt the relationships exactly to how they were before the change. So, the user clicks a button that starts the code below. Somewhere, Access is remembering what the old data type was and not allowing...
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    Removing duplicate text from random records

    I've got a table where some of the cells in one column have nearly identical information entered twice. Here are some examples: I need a query to go through the whole table, catalog what data is in the cell, and delete duplicate text. So in my examples, the extra 11/16 49 97, 11/16 61 97...
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    Solved Sub report is ruining the spacing on the main

    It looks like the cause of the issue is the Application sub report. Here is how the report looks normally and is functioning properly: Everything fits on one page. Here is what happens when more than two items are in the Application sub report: There is now a huge gap right above Application...
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    Module doesn't seem to be creating/running batch file

    I am implementing the front end auto-update solution by Frothingslosh that is from a thread on here I can't link to. Option Compare Database Public Function CheckFrontEnd() As Integer ' ************************************************************ ' Created by : Scott L Prince '...
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