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    ISBN scanning

    I would like to enhance my Access library app to lookup ISBN's after scanning barcodes. Can anyone recommend a wireless hand held scanner for ~ $100. Less is good. More is OK if necessary. I don't care if I have to scan into excel first but a batch mode and/or Bluetooth connection is...
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    Fishing expedition by 1/6 commission

    Here's a link to the letter Congress sent to Gab asking them to produce enormous amounts of data. I especially like #2 on page w where Congress asks Gab to implicate themselves. Well, there goes the 5th amendment. Do we haven any left that the Democrats are willing to recognize...
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    Outlook - junk mail

    Rules don't seem to be able to get rid of unwanted emails no matter how many I make. My email is hosted by Yahoo. It was originally an ATT account but they sold their business in my area and offloaded the emails to Yahoo. I guess I should be happy they didn't delete it entirely but Yahoo is...
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    IT experts say...

    I feel like it is time that we got together and proposed techniques that would make voter fraud much more difficult than it is currently. The talking heads are obsessed with voter ID and signature verification but security goes well beyond that. The ballots themselves must be secure. They...
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    Solved Threads started by me

    Is there a way to find all threads started by me? When I search I keep getting my answers to other peoples threads. I only want to see threads I started. Thanks
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    Mouse disappears

    Why does my mouse disappear? Is there any way to stop it or is there a larger pointer I can load?
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    The death of 60 Minutes

    For all of my adult life, 60 minutes has been a part of my "must watch" TV schedule on Sunday evenings. Luckily for the past 15 years, I could record and watch later. Early last year I took it off automatic record because I was tired of the hit jobs they were doing on Trump. I occasionally...
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    China spying with computer chips

    Pretty scary article. I remember reading something about this years ago, probably around 2014, but it didn't make a big splash. I don't have state secrets on my PC but I sure have stuff I don't want the Chinese or anyone else to have access to. China Used Secret Microchip to Spy on US...
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    Import from Access accdb

    I've never done this but it seems like I should be able to open ssms and import tables from an .accdb but I can't seem to find the right tool. I have SQL Server Express so maybe it doesn't exist. I don't want to have to use ssma if I can do the conversion a different way.
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    The new face of descrimination

    My granddaughter's fiancée was recently told by his employer that they couldn't promote him. Not that he didn't deserve a promotion but they needed someone who checked some boxes so J.P. Morgan Chase, his employer, isn't even pretending to be looking for the best to promote. They are picking...
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    Parler and Rumble

    Mark Levin interviewed the CEOs of Parler and Rumble last night. What Amazon did to Parler was even worse than blocking their website. Parler actually rented servers from Amazon and Amazon shut down their servers essentially isolating them from their software and data!!!!! AWS gave them a...
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    Solar Winds hack

    I got some interesting articles from Microsoft regarding security. This one is something of a promotion of Microsoft Defender but it goes into great detail about how the malware operated so I thought I would share it...
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    Font size

    Am I crazy or is the font shrinking? I can hardly read the forum any more. It is taking up less than half of the screen width.
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    Solved Expand range

    I downloaded a csv file from the web. I did some sorting on it. Then I added a calculated column at the right named "month" so I could sum by month but I can't figure out how to get Excel to "see" the new column. It doesn't show in the sort dialog and as you can see by the picture, it isn't...
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    Dominion Software miscounts

    As those of us who write software know, software doesn't just "glitch". Hardware "glitches" but not software. The software is what it is and it works consistently in a consistent environment. There can be differences due to interference from other software such as operating systems or due to...
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    What should Trump do after he wins?

    We've had a chaotic 4 years. Partially due to Trump himself and his inability to simply not say what he is thinking out loud, but mostly due to the media and the leaks from the Deep State. I would love it if Trump concentrated on ripping the heart out of the Deep State over the next 4 years...
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    Desktop icons disappear

    For the past few weeks, sometimes when the computer goes to sleep, the icons on the desktop disappear as do the icons in the tray. When I wake up the computer, I see one app opened on one monitor and the other monitor is blank with no background picture or icons. If I move the visible window...
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    What happened to?

    In earlier versions of the forum, when you clicked on a member's name, one of your options was to see threads he started. That seems to be missing.
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    Vote by Mail is NOT a secret ballot

    I wonder if anyone who is in favor of "vote by mail" as a general policy understands that when you vote by mail, your vote choices are not private. In order to create a vote by mail system that is even remotely secure, each individual ballot needs a unique identifier and that unique identifier...
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    COVID rules for thee but not for me

    Anyone seen the Faucci video from the Nationals game a couple of days ago where he threw out the first ball? He's sitting in the stands with his mask down around his neck playing with his phone while he sits between two other people. What a good example of following the social distancing and...
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