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  1. jdraw

    Restrictions on Accounts

    I had a message from a user who asked about his inability to have attachments to his posts, I am not aware of any restrictions, so am asking the community at large, is there some setting/privilege that prevents a user who has >40 posts from adding an attachment to his post(s)? Perhaps I am...
  2. jdraw

    Solved Problem Inserting Data into Table

    I have a routine to create a table (LKX), the table has 1 field(firstName), that field is a unique index. I want LKX to have only DISTINCT values. When I try to loop through other tables(A,B,C) and Insert the selected field(firstName) values from A,B and C to Table LKX, the firstnames from A...
  3. jdraw

    Registering ADO data provider

    I have some data modeling software and am trying to reverse engineer an Access accdb database. I have O365 Access click to run. When I load the modeling software which supports several databases including Access (accdb) and select the Access file (it is standalone not split) the modeling...
  4. jdraw

    Type Mismatch ---traced to an issue with Decimal fields in Microsoft Access

    A heads up! Update 2005 12827.20268 (released June 2, 2020) appears to be causing various problems with Decimal fields in Microsoft Access databases. I just noticed this on another forum and posting this link to an ongoing review. The M$oft response is dated 2020-06-08 .
  5. jdraw

    Recent article Future of Access

    I just saw this link and thought I'd post it for others. The Access materials are of interest and the SQL Editor Addin is something I had not heard of. Has anyone tried same? Comments? This seems along the lines of what Crystal was doing --highlighting/coloring SQL key words, comments etc.
  6. jdraw

    How to place/overlay a textbox on an image on a form

    Does anyone have a link to or sample of placing a textbox or box control such that it overlays an image on a form (Access 2016)? I'd like to be able change the colour depending on some logic. Thanks in advance.
  7. jdraw

    Utility to trace vba process logic

    I'm interested in any samples or ideas related to tracing the (vba) processing/event logic. The background is, when receiving a database from a poster where there is little context for an issue and little to no documentation (perhaps the poster wasn't the developer and had database dropped on...
  8. jdraw

    Getting repeated errors with search

    I was wondering what happened to Similar Threads. I did general and detailed search and am getting this error. I haven't seen it reported by others???
  9. jdraw

    Text in cancelled post

    Title is vague, but I have noticed that if you start a response to a thread, and then change your mind or realize it is not "on topic". You don't save or send that message, But you highlight and delete it. The next time you want to post a message, that "previously deleted text" is now present...
  10. jdraw

    Positioning after clicking View More

    Would be convenient if, after reviewing some posts in a forum, you click on View More, and it positioned you where you were in the forum (ie next post). Currently goes to top of forum.
  11. jdraw

    How to use Bookmarks

    I have bookmarked a couple of threads, but can not see an option to select from my bookmarks?? Probably overlooking the obvious, but still in the dark at the moment.
  12. jdraw

    Solved Similar Threads

    Is there a feature currently that "suggests similar existing threads" as in the previous vBulletin? If so, could some one please highlight it or the process to see same?
  13. jdraw

    DataPig Access video tutorials --??

    Just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to DataPig Technologies and their free Access video tutorials and examples. Mike Alexander made several video tutorials that were clear and he explained the concepts and rationale for various methods extremely well. I often referenced them myself...
  14. jdraw

    Using/parsing JSON with vba

    Does anyone have an example showing the use of Access vba to request data from a website and parse the response that is formatted as JSON? Have you got a working solution that you can share? I have seen this reference on github vba-json and I am aware of the Steve Bishop youtube tutorials on...
  15. jdraw

    References--Names and files

    Does anyone have a link or information regarding MS Access references and the associated files? I have Access 2010 and an Office365 account. I don't use the Off365 very often. I recently posted a database for a poster who is using 2007. I created the database, saved it as accdb. The poster has...
  16. jdraw

    Code to relink a text file

    I'm looking for an example procedure (vba) to relink a table that is a linked external text file. Have had no luck with google. Thanks in advance.
  17. jdraw

    Error going to New Posts

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting a constant error when trying to go to New Posts.
  18. jdraw

    vba ---Iterating over MS Access Dictionary

    Note: This has also been posted at I have searched but can not find a clear example for iterating over a dictionary object. The dictionary contains different object types. There are 3 item(s) in the dictionary/object DictItems(0) is a...
  19. jdraw

    Status of

    I have noticed (repeatedly) today that Barry Williams' site [] is "offline" or has been renamed or removed. The site has a very large amount of generic data models, tutorials and related info. I often recommend the site to posters seeking ideas/approach... to various...
  20. jdraw

    Seeking articles/examples set up Library file in 2010

    I have created library files (mda) in 2003. I have tried to use that library with Access 2010. It is referenced and shows up in the Project window. When I try to reference a class module from the library file using the new keyword, I get an error (commented out in red below). However, if I use a...
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