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  1. jdraw

    SQL to create sub records - Divide liquid volume into sub volumes

    Mark, I'm not a TSQL nor Azure person, but Mod function and integer division seem appropriate to "split" volumes into parts. Good luck.
  2. jdraw

    Possible to use a huge Firebase db?

    I notice that the OP, amorosik , who had the initial request for Access--Firebase has been active on this forum recently. He may have some insight on the subject.
  3. jdraw

    Use a multi-select list box to filter a report

    @Gaccess1 How about creating a mock-up of your report for reviewing format, layout, or we understand your issue in context?
  4. jdraw

    Access Front-end Auto-Updating Utility ?

    That's the last link I have for Bob's utilities --when he left he (or someone) moved his materials to Juan Soto's site I am able to open the first few links e
  5. jdraw

    Access Front-end Auto-Updating Utility ?
  6. jdraw

    DB Management, Switchboard

    We've all been there. It's very satisfying to write some code and run a test and confirm that it "works as planned". If, as Pat has mentioned, you have 50 years experience and intimate knowledge of the business, and explicit requirements, and independent reviewers to vet interim results...
  7. jdraw

    DB Management, Switchboard

    Here's a write-up on Business rules to help with the kind of things involved. There are some helpful and humorous short videos on Business Analysis by BA_Experts. I really recommend that you build a model and vet/exercise it with sample data and sample scenarios. It's difficult to underestimate...
  8. jdraw

    DB Management, Switchboard

    I agree with Gasman --use some Tempvars (or some very simple set up) so you can differentiate GenUser from AdminUser. I would not be naming anything PROD based on your description of what you are doing. You may have DEV and ACCeptable. But you need some parameters for your own good. My guess is...
  9. jdraw

    Can't get filter to work on

    How about posting: -a copy of the database with some sample data and instructions for what you are trying to do -a statement of what you expect the outcome to be -a graphic of your tables and relationships.
  10. jdraw

    DB Management, Switchboard

    I suggest you keep Dev and Prod separate. If the only thing saving a terrible/accidental change is you at the keyboard, then keep them separate. Don't put you PROD CODE AT RISK. You could have a third area Test/Maintenance, and move/import materials from either DEV or PROD for "testing" as...
  11. jdraw

    Question about forms design

    You could have a single form that defaults to show only ACTIVE records, and a button/checkbox or whatever that when clicked would show ALL records. You would also have some info for the user re the button/checkbox to show ALL.
  12. jdraw

    A Question Of Design

    Well Pat Hartman is a regular here and may be able to offer advice on extending or adjusting the general approach. If you have questions, I'm sure she'll respond. You may get other responses to your question on design. But we don't know your business processes and workflow in any detail. It's...
  13. jdraw

    A Question Of Design

    See this older thread by Pat Hartman for ideas. It may not apply to your situation, but may.
  14. jdraw


    Welcome to AWF!
  15. jdraw

    Subtotal line doesn't equal the total in the unit field

    You are very welcome. You may also review this for reference.
  16. jdraw

    Subtotal line doesn't equal the total in the unit field

    Did you try Currency datatype? Instead of CLng try CCur
  17. jdraw

    Fifo batch allocation

    I am attaching a screen capture based on the query and database and function you mentioned. Here is the function code with comments(copied from the database). '--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Procedure : QuantityAllocated ' Author ...
  18. jdraw

    Help! with application won't run

    Insufficient info. You could post copies of your FE and BE for readers to review and provide feedback. Remove any confidential info.
  19. jdraw

    Update a flag for two month ago

    In essence you want a query to SELECT records from yourTable WHERE yourDateField meets yourCriteria As others have advised--you should research queries. You are going down the wrong path by adjusting your table.
  20. jdraw

    Error when using combo box to hide/unhide subforms

    What is the design of your table(s)? Do you have 3 copies of the same table design - 1 for each year?
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