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    How to update subform using unbound text box on main form

    hi, i have a subform on main form, i have unbound text box on main form where if i add any value, goes to first row of [orderno] in the subform (datasheet view). what i want to fill in the entire column of [onorder] instead of just first row. (this is my code at afterupdate event...
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    stock control

    hi, i have made stock control spreadsheets in excel. i want to make simple db in access. db should be as receipts issue and balance. for example i have a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h in stock and i have 1, 2, 3... projects in which either some of a to h are used or all a to h are used. after issuing a to h...
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    Question auto fill text box on onload another form

    Hi all, i have started access and create a database. if some one can help the following please. i will be much appreciated. i have a subform "line 1", in that form i have a multiple fields. on one of them i have put click event which open another form called "his", i want to automatically...
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    hi, my name is sajid, living & working in uk (birmingham) i like access data base and made some sample and complex data base for where i am working in. hope i will be a useful member of access world forum:)
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