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    Getting selected record from "Search Part" pop up form to main form

    Hi, I have a main form for creating/editing an order, a pop up subform for adding a product to the order and from there a pop up form to search part of the product name if they're not sure what Prod Type to use to filter to the appropriate product - the Search Part pop up is of necessity in...
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    EMailDatabaseObject "To" field

    Can you/how do you refer to the email address in the record of the filtered Report you want to send or is this better done in VBA?
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    How to format buttons on got focus so highlighted in some way

    Hi can anyone tell me a simple way of highlighting buttons on a form when got focus - tried changing the background colour but the decimal colour values are giving unexpected results.
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    Code in report stopping it from running.

    Hi, I'm a coding absolute rookie and am trying to make 2 info fields visible/invisible depending on the value in a 3rd field. The code has compiled but it's not working - is there something else I need in there? Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer) If Me.Text99 =...
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    Unwanted Enter Parameter Value Box

    Hi all, Question re an order input database (I set up years ago) that I'm having to make more user friendly for others. I have a form that allows selection of a customer and a delivery run with a subform to select products and enter amounts etc. To make it more user friendly I'm trying to use...
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