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    Marquee Change O Matic

    I presume I have one lost in the queue: Arrays, collections, and the cinema. Regards, Tim
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    Arrays, Collections, Movies

    This sample Access file has code that sports for next and for each loops, arrays and collections, and even arrays in collections. Fit for viewing by either VBA or movie enthusiasts. Regards, Tim
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    Listbox Helper Class

    This sample database attempts to answer the following Access VBA questions. . How do I select all items in a listbox? . How do I de-select all items in a listbox? . How do I select the top item in a listbox and make sure it is visible? . How do I select the bottom item in a listbox and make...
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    Strings and the Replace Function

    Fields configured as either a text or memo data type in an Access table are typically handled in code -- if, that is, there's a need to handle them in code -- using string variables. (If you want to see any of the following examples in action, drag and drop a button onto a test form and copy...
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    Do you know this guy?

    ~~~~~~~~~The Boss~~~~~~~~~
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    Arrays and the Split Function

    In its simplest form an array is like a train composed of boxcars, each boxcar with its own cargo. Train's boxcars... ------------------------------- | Milk | Bread | Apples | ------------------------------- An array's boxcars are called elements, and its elements hold data. An array of...
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