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    save and update data from access table to google sheet to use it with telegram bot

    hello i want to save my clients data to google sheet so can my users fetch their data through telegram bot could you lead me to how to start or where to start
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    same code for 48 textbox

    hello i have 48 textbox in same form to receive invoices from our collector i have a code to dlookup the invoice if paid or not Dim InvN As String If DLookup("ID", "tbl_Clients_Charging", "[ID] = " & Me.txt_01 & " And [AccountPaidStatus] = '" & "Paid" & " '") > 0 Then...
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    automatic find backend

    helllo i have a splitted database one Frontend and Two backend any solution to let the Frontend check on load two destinations and the right one will be the backend i dont want something ready if you can lead me i really appreciate
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    Problem with Dsum

    i have a query contains [ID] and [Amount] i wrote in vba Dim BulkTotal as integer BulkTotal = DSum("Account_Amount", "[qry_Bulk_Total]") am getting this error Runtime error 6 Overflow any help?
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    Solved insert into table error 3134

    am inserting data into a table table fields name is correct form textboxes names is correct strsql101 = "insert into tbl_Clients (ClientName, Username, Phone, RegistrationDate, RechargeDate, ExpiryDate, Address, Section, Account, AccountDealerCost, AccountResellerCost, AccountResellerSell...
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    Search Continuous Form with one textbox

    hello, i have a continuous form for now i can search just one field with this code Dim strFilter As String If Len(Trim(Me.txt_Search.Value & vbNullString)) > 0 Then strFilter = "Clientname Like '*" & Replace(Me.txt_Search.Value, "'", "''") & "*'" Me.Filter = strFilter...
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    Solved dcount query to unbound textbox

    hello i have unbound form two unbound text (txt_printed) (txt_not_printed ) i put in the control box of txt_printed = DCount([Printed];[qry_Invoices_Printing_Data];[Printed]=True) txt_not_printed =DCount([Printed];[qry_Invoices_Printing_Data];[Printed]=False) when i run the form the two...
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    Solved show specified data and all records before

    hello guys congratulations for the new look :love: i have a table with 15 record each record have a unique name 1-A 2-B 3-C . . . 15-X in a form if i choose from a combo box for example letter D and run the query (or vba code) i want to get all records from D and before so i will get 1-A 2-B...
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    criteria to sum same product for one person

    hello i want my database to tell me when the same person bought the same product 20 times If DCount("*", "tbl_Personal_Sanctions_02", "[PID] = " & [PID]) = 0 Then MsgBox ("congratulations") Else End Ifthe product field is (Sanction_Code) the type of...
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    query criteria based on form textbox

    hello i have form1 - form2 - table1 - query1 form1 contains textbox with specific value query1 bring data from table1 form2 (data source query1) show data from query1 (ID like the textbox on the form1) if i run the query1 it will ask me to give input so i add any number the query...
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    send records to print

    hello i have a listbox bound to a table that show the id of the records i want to print all the records showed in the listbox with one command any help?
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    change date month to current month

    hello i have a list of clients each with recharge date for example i have a recharge date for client 01/05/2019 (april) i want to renew the subscription so i should have a new date 01/08/2019 (august) i renew every month with this expression...
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    text in textbox fit problem

    hello i have a report in arabic, in this report i have a textbox that will change whatever the client enter a new data the problem is each lines at the right a letter or two disappear please look at the red circle in each one there is two letters that are not existed...
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    command button change place on form view

    hello i have a form, in design view everything is okay but when i run the form the command button go to the right design view form view any help
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    change textbox size or font size in continuous form

    hello i have a continuous form with lot of data, some data is bigger than the textbox and dont fit so the user can read it all any idea how can i grow the textbox when the text is bigger than x characters or resize the font i tried to check the cangrow by
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    Error Code 2105

    hello guys, i have a form that is bound to a table am let the form go to the last record then showing a message to let the client now the number of the last file saved then push the form to go to a new record so the client continue saving new files Private Sub Form_Load()...
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    shrink text box

    hello, any idea how can i shrink textbox in form when the text is long? in report the can shrink and can grow work perfect but not in form
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    One Query for two forms

    hello i have 2 forms and on update query based on user id so i want to run the same query if form1 is open or form2 i put on criteria [forms]![form1]![uid] or [forms]![form2]![uid] but when run query form1 a dialog appear ask me for [forms]![form2]![uid] and when run query form2 a...
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    Filter continuous Form

    hello guys am filtering my continuous form usin this code Dim str1 As String str1 = "[Sanction_Number] LIKE " & Chr(34) & "*" & Me.Search.Text & "*" & Chr(34) Form.Filter = str1 Form.FilterOn = True Me.Search.Value = "" Me.Search.SetFocus but if the result is empty and try to search...
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    missing numbers in list

    hello guys, i have two tables table1 = customers info table2 = custom invoices table each customer will have invoices starting number 1 customer1 invoice 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 customer2 invoice 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 so now i have too much invoices i want to add to the system when i enter all the...
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