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    Reordering Tabbed Forms

    Not too long ago my project manager asked if could have user profiles that when an emp starts his/her startup would launch the forms in order based on their position and if a user wnatwede to change the order of their forms or include others and remove others they should be able to do that. The...
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    Accidental them changed

    I have been doingAccess design since 1992 - yep In the good ole days I would muti select a group of buttons and format them the same through the property sheet settings. The I started using the format painter to duplicate a style I liked As for themes never used them - Always set "Use...
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    Webcontrol issues - One for the masters :)

    I am working on a Project Management App , and was looking for a way to "embed" a File Manager/Exlorer window on the Project Record form. I don't want to create a button and use filesystem object , been there done that and it is not the functionality the client wants. by chance , when adding...
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    Dale in Pennsylvania

    Hello all. My name is Dale I reside in eastern PA. I have been using Access since version 1.0 and developing with Access since 2.0 (Access basic) Former Full-time Employee for Microsoft Corporation as guess what... Initially support engineer for Access, then tech-lead, then Internal Trainer...
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