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  1. moke123

    PickList Custom Class

    Cross Posted here ... As noted in my cross post, I was toying around with a custom class for a picklist utilizing a dictionary object. I want to use a dictionary due to the fact that it is much easier to add and remove...
  2. moke123

    Custom Class work around.

    In order to tightly control a data entry procedure I am using a custom class. Within the class I am instantiating several popup forms with withevents for several controls on the forms. Everything works perfectly so far except for the Class_Terminate event. I declare the class in the forms...
  3. moke123

    Happy Birthday Mick!

    Happy Birthday @MickJav !
  4. moke123


    I've been playing around with dictionaries trying to get a grip on how to use them and what they can do. I've been trying to declare a public dictionary so that its members are available to other procedures within the module. It seems to work OK if I add the keys and items using Dict.Add...
  5. moke123

    A well run race from a familiar face

    A well run race from a familiar face
  6. moke123

    Argument using VBA.VbMsgBoxStyle

    A week or so ago I came across some code which allows you to add custom buttons to the native message box. It seems that it may be useful at some point so its one to add to my code repository. The one thing I didn't like about it was the method of calling it. I added a function so it can be...
  7. moke123

    Modal pop up form

    When a pop up form is opened as modal and you try and click somewhere else it is not allowed and a warning tone is fired. Is there anyway to detect that event?
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