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    Query to return specific text if any record in a field matches specific text

    My database tracks products - the product table includes descriptors like UPC, Category, Brand, Description, Size, and also tracks whether a specific product is approved at State level. The approval status is maintained within the JnctnStateUPC table at the SUUPC level in the RecentStatus...
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    Solved Code to batch copy files from one folder to another

    Thanks to a lot of help from this forum over the years I have a form with a button that copies files listed on the form from one folder to another on my computer. Was working perfectly until I got a new computer. I made absolutely sure that the file locations for the files I need to copy...
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    List files to table and include date modified

    Help. I'm using Allen Browne's code to list files to a table. I need to include a field that contains the date the file was modified. I've added the field to the Files table and named it fModified, and set the datatype to date/time. Below is the code (which works but doesn't pull in my...
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    Save a copy of a hyperlinked pdf to a different file location

    I use an access database (2016) that I developed to track products and submit product label pdfs to various government agencies. I use the database to review the products and develop a subset of products that I am going to submit. After reviewing, I wind up with a form which lists all of the...
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    Open database automatically on startup?

    I am probably staring right at it - but where is the option to set Access 2010 so that it automatically opens a specified database on startup?
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    Export Macro works on form, not subform

    I'm using Access 2010, and am a self-taught (with the help of forums like this) database developer. I created a form to search for records in a table based on multiple fields, and added a button with a macro to export the search results to Excel. The button/macro works just great on the...
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    NotInList Pasting Multiple Records into one Combobox

    I am relatively new to Access, using 2007. I have a form with a subform, subform in datasheet view. I was successful in setting up NotInList so that when I add a record to the UPC combobox it will update the appropriate table if a new record. However, I've set up the form in datasheet view...
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