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    Solved Select Multiple Records on form to be Printed in a Report

    How to Select Multiple hyperlink Records to be Printed in a Report in Microsoft Access. Select Several Rows. If I want to print invoice I have to click one by one in the hyperlink number op the invoice How to select multiple hyperlink to print those invoice
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    Filter from header

    I'm having a little trouble with the form filter in Access. I'm using the listview in a few forms and the user needs to be able to filter there. all data is from combo box please help how to resolve
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    Solved The Invoice number will be given depending on status is selected

    Dear All, I would like When the invoice status is selected approve, an invoice number is given. Now an invoice number is given with all entered words, do you know how this can be solved Thank you in advance
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    Solved Search Bij Date on Split form

    Dear All, With this vba I try to do a search with the date I get an error What mistakes did I make I use below VBA Private Sub cmdSearch_Click() Call Search End Sub Sub Search() Dim strCriteria, task As String Me.Refresh If IsNull(Me.followupFrom) Or IsNull(Me.followupTo)...
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    Solved Data from Combobox on listbox

    Dear All, How to show the data from combobox on listbox Example Combobox 1 Afgehandeld 2 Ingediend on my database listbox showing 1 instead op Afgehandeld Please help how
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    Filter Query to save the report

    Dear All, How to create a filter on the Query to be able to save the report only showing data on form Without filters all data will be save in one pdf file.
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    Solved Save Report As PDF on MS access

    Dear All, I want to save Raport in pdf by name, depending on the information in the Claimnumber ( textbox) and City (combobox) With below macros I get the results. 235645262.PDF instead of 23564526 BDN. PDF Claimnumber = 23564526 City (combobox) : ID data type 1 DPS 2 BDN 3 JKT I hope...
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    Sum formula within Access

    Dear All, Who can help me with a formula within Access? Sum all [Bedrag] from [btw Code] ==> BTW Code 1 Sum all [Bedrag] from [btw Code] ==> BTW Code2 Thank you in advanced. I use formula for the totaal =[Q_verkooporder_regel Subformulier].[Form]![Totaal bedrag] Thank you...
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    Update a price but retain old price for older records

    Dear All, I would like to change prices for all items, the thing is I don't want to change the of any historical records, only new records. All help will be appreciated. Rania
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    Creating Order Form

    Dear All, I hope you can help me to make a form so that I can see all the orders I made. If I click the order number ( hyperlink) to the form Creat order en invoice will be opened and then I can fix the order en save again I made all these orders with the form Name Creat order en...
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