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    Table Maintenance Using Outside Data

    Hi, I am building a database of banks and credit unions for the company I work for. It is for particular use by my department and not a company-wide effort. I found a daily download essentially from the federal reserve which includes a unique ID, bank name and other useful information which I...
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    New to Forum

    Hi, I jumped the gun and asked a question prior to introducing myself. Sorry. In a hurry. I'm a sales support professional and used to be a data miner (self-taught) and used to be pretty familiar with Access back in the early 2000s and continued to dabble with it here and there. I think I...
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    Solved Handling Multiple Products for many customers

    It seems to me that this should be obvious, but I cannot see through it. I work for a service company that offers multiple services to customers. Let's say there are 5 products or services. Customer A has all 5 services. Customer B has 3 of them. Customer C has 3 and cancelled a 4th. In...
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