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    Solved Retrieving the record with the highest column field number value or return "No Value" if exist....

    I have a simple table containing sample data like so: Color Purity Red 10 Red 3 Red 9 Red No Value Red 12 Red 11 I'm trying to run a query where if there are multiple of the same Color, pick the record that has the highest Purity value, but ONLY if there doesn't exist a record...
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    Solved Combo Box Filter Not Filtering Report Correctly in Navigation Form When Using Multiple Reports?

    I have a Navigation Form with 2 buttons, 1 filter combo box, and a subform beneath containing a report. Each button displays a different report in the subform. The combo box filters the same field in both reports. It looks like so: The subform in the Navigation form is linked based on their...
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    Solved Creating a query with unique records using complicated filtering fields?

    I have Table1 that I want to combine with Table2 to create a query. Table1 has the following column fields: GroupID | MyName| Age | Animal The table has the following fields: AnimalID | Animal | Rating | Mood I have a relationship set up linking `AnimalID`, `Animal`, and `Gender`...
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    Set Width of Search Box in Datasheet?

    Simple question, is there any way to set the width of the search box in a datasheet, either via VBA or its Property Sheet? I'm no expert, but I cant find any way to do that and I believe it's an application defined setting, but wanted to ask experts on this. Thanks
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    Solved Weird Behaviors Filtering a Report in a Navigation Form

    I have a Navigation Form with multiple tabs. Each tab contains a subform with a different report, as well as buttons. In one of my tabs, I have a report that I want to filter based on a certain criteria. I created a combo box on top of the report, which filters all items in the report based on a...
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