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    Access 2003 MailShot.

    I am trying to add a feature so my client can mail all the contacts, but i am drawing blanks. the mail single client is fine, but i would like to mail all. dont need to attach anything just add all the mail contact to the to: line in word or outlook. Thanks Den
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    Report to Display 5 days form date.

    How can i make my reports only show me 5 days from a date of the report. Date i want to work form is. "EmployeeDateFrom" control Source. I want to show where that employee was that week. Thanks in advance. Sorry if not explained very well i am rubbish at access.
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    Hi all. I have a database, which is a simple customer database. which has the ability to make lables for customer who have a yes in the combo box. what i would like to do is create a mail shot for those customers also. by a single click button. i already have a email address field and i also...
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    Front end/Back end. Question.

    Could someone please explain, how you would do a front end back end? do you have forms in DB 1 (Front end.) And tables in DB 2 (Back end.) Where would the reports and that go? front or back? or am i completely wrong? and what are the benifits of a front/back split? networking? Thanks in...
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    99% Complete 1 last problem. (Lable Spacing.)

    Ok i am nearly done, I have the first set of addresses setup perfect. the problem i have is instead of the report automaticaly using the right hand side, of the spread sheet it goes onto another page. Not the best picture sorry but as you can see it uses the left fine, how can i make it use...
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    Creating A Filter Report Form A Query. (Thanks For Looking.)

    I have a Query which i have set a filter on, I then turn the Query into a report. but when i view the report the filter withing the Query has not stuck so it deplay all the data instread on the filetered version of the Query. Why is this? or can this not be done? Thanks in advance. Shrew...
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    Selective Report Printing.

    On my form i have a combo box that says yes/no. This is for a mailing list, so yes means i have to print a label. which is in the form of a pre-setup report. how do i make my report tie up with the combo box. so only the yes's are added to the report. Hope this makes sense, i am dyslexic so i...
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    Noob Report Question. (First+ last name)

    I am trying to get first name and last name in one box. i can do it with 2 boxes. Box one has FirstName and box two has last name. so i tried =[FirstName] & " " & [LastName] in 1 box. but it says error. Please Help. If it helps i am trying to create Address lables. E.G First name surename...
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    Input form barcode scanner.

    Hi all, Being a complete duffer at this access/VBA stuff i was wondering what this code does? code... Option Compare Database 'Use database order for string comparisons Option Explicit ' ' barcode39.mdb ' ' Barcode Generator for Code 3 of 9, Code 39, and Mil-spec Logmars. ' ' version 2.0...
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    Report Date, Noob Question.

    Hi, I have a report and i only want in to display call outs for today and days comming up, (not past call outs) what do i need to do to make this happen? Thanks once again. Shrew
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    Table Size

    I have set my table size to 255 which it tells me is the max? is there a way i can get more out of it? pref want between 500-1000 charachters. Thanks. -------EDIT-------- Found the solution, set the table to memo. and this allows loads of charachters, thanks anyway. hope this helps someone...
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    Error Converting to MDE.

    This is the error i get... This error is usually associated with compiling a large database into an MDE file.* Due to the method used to compile the database, a considerable number of TableID references are created for each table.* The Microsoft Jet database engine version 4.0 can only create a...
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    Help With Project Needed.

    Ok, well basically i am trying to write my own database. and i have not the a very good working knowlage of access and some many bits that are over my head, Would any of you guys be willing to help me out with this? I would be willing to pay someone to do this, if you could give me prices per...
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    Switchboard Opens Blank Forum, altho is populated.

    Hi all, I decided to create a switchboard using tools---> DB utilts---> SW manager. i have managed to get this on the front end, altho the first button the contacts does't work properly. when i click it using that i cannot see any of the data that is in the database? but if i go out the...
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    Noob Question Sorry. Forum Sizes!

    How can i make all my forums fill my screen? so dont have to recreate them? so they are not just tiny boxes. as originaly designed? I looked in hope that there maybe have been something in the startup drop drop down, but i was't so luck. also tried to select whole forum and group and name the...
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    Hi all

    First off i would just like to say that this site is great if you troll through all the example and help people have been given on here. it has really helped me to understand a few bits about access, i really had no clue as to the amount of this you can do. One thing however i could't find on...
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