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    VBA for enable contents

    Hello!! I have a DB that is on a server, when it opens I have to click on enable content every time, I've looked in the trust center settings and none of the changes in here makes a difference. I have an AutoExec file that runs but obviously I get an error as I need to enable content. Is...
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    Export Query to Excel - But with combobox values not text

    Hello All, I have done some VBA to export a query into excel which was easy. Issue is that this is then to be imported into another DB. There are several combo boxes that take data from other tbls, instead of exporting the number it exports the actual text, this owuld be fine except when you...
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    Control source properties for combo box

    Hi All, I have a combo box that looks up values in a tbl. Is there a way in the combo box control that I can change which values it shows for different FE users? But without having different queries to designate the criteria? I thought I could just use a query and control the combo box with...
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    Multiple Group Totals

    Good Morning!! I have a total qry which returns the following: Budget Code(Group By) SumOfBudget (Sum) 0.01 Management 50000 0.02 Bank Charges 6000 0.03 XXXXXXX 10000 1.01 XXXXXXXXX 20000 1.02 XXXXXXX 30000 2.01 XXXXXXXXX 40000 2.02...
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    Chart Axis

    Hi All, I've a chart based on a query, the query is all in order but the chart X axis is not, any ideas on how to make this correct? Cheers
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    Crosstab Type Form??

    Hello, I have a table for an annual budget that requires me to enter 360+ amounts for various budget codes. A crosstab query displays the information perfectly and will be great to use for display purposes, however does anyone know how I can make a similar layout for data entry on a form? Cheers
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    Update query with loop

    Hello! I have tblCodes this has budget codes in (about 20 records) I have tblBudget this has 3 fields (Date, Budget Code, Budget) I need to create an append query so that I can add a new years budget to tblBudget using the budget codes from tblCodes, my problem is that I need to add a month...
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    Complicated query!!

    Hello!! So I've two tables: 1. tblExpenses 2. tblCurrency tblExpenses has a currency field which it looks up the value from tblCurrency, it also has an exchange rate field tblCurrency also has an exchange rate field where I can set the exchange rates for each currency I need a query to...
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    Update Query based on multiple values

    Hello All, Sorry for another question!! I have three tables 1. Date range 2. Info 3. Exchange rates I need to create an update query that does the following: 1. Selects all records in the Info table based on the date range in the date range table - I have done this 2. Then updates all the...
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    Group and sum in a query

    Hello, This should be easy but I'm bang my head against a brickwall... I have a table which has amongst others the following fields: Budget Code - This is linked to another table which has the various codes in Cost Date With data something like 4300 Training 100.00 12/1/21 4210...
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    Search Form

    Hello!! I am modifying Allen Browne's simple search form that he has on his website, one thing I'm struggling on is: The data returned in the search results are numbers that relate to the linked table. Is there anyway to return the responding text that appears in the combo box? Cheers
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    VBA to open mail merge based on results in a filtered form

    Hello!! I have a query which is displayed in a form, next to each result is a button that opens another form which is filtered to that specific record. I'd like to make a button with VBA code so that it opens up a mail merge document with only that filtered data in.....any help much...
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    Budgets and Graphs in Access

    Hello, I have made an accounting database, main table is called accounts, it is simple and has the normal stuff on there, including date, payment type (combo), accounting code(combo), description, and amount. I would like now to be able to input a budget for each accounting code (17 groups in...
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    Query total into report

    Hello! I have several queries that pick out several results from a table then total the invoices together and on the query it says the total at the bottom. How can I put ONLY the total from the query into a report. It must be simple but I'm completely stuck on it!! Thanks in advance
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    Copying filter results on a search form into a table or query

    Hello All, I have a form that uses search criteria to filter out the records. Once they are filtered is there anyway can I put the filtered results into a query or table so that I can use them elsewhere in a report etc. Thanks again
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    Easy search form

    Hello! I have been trying to adapt a simple search form I found online but am running into problems. I've attached a small extract of the db if anyone can help? Two issues, one the combo box on the search form isn't showing the codes needed in order to complete the search, also the date...
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    Mail merge print button

    Hello! I've seen a quite a few bits of code on here but can't seem to find what I'm after, any chance one of you good people can help me with some code? Basically I have a form that shows a qry result, there are about 10 results normally on the qry and these are linked to a mail merge...
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    Multiple databases joined together in one form

    Hello! I have 5 databases that I would like to use in a management system, they are all different in terms of content but I would like to make one form on one database that acts as a main menu to open up the individual databases at the click of a button. I've seen quite a bit of code online to...
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    Different users on one single db

    Hello! I have a db that I want to keep as a single db, not a split db. Is it possible to have two different users, one has full access (me) and the other has restricted access/slightly different forms? Is it possible to have VBA to change the visibility of certain items in certain forms based...
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    Query to return lookup string value

    Hello! I have a lookup column in a db that looks up "Position" from a rank table, this then returns a value of the position (Rank) you choose. I have made a search form using a query but when I search using a combo box that uses the rank table it returns a number....which is fine, but in the...
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