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  1. LadyoftheForest

    Solved New database entries stopped updating searchable list

    Something happened with my database, and I'm not sure what I did. It's a herb and book library database created in Access 2016 Fair warning, I'm not a coder, I can only build simple things. I'm still learning querys and reports. This was created from several other databases and any coding or...
  2. LadyoftheForest

    New tab showing info from other

    Using Access 2016 I'm back for some help. Still extremely new to Access 2016 but I've been working hard at learning how things are done and I've been able do a lot of revamps of the db and added new features. Not sure what I did, but when I added information to the first tab in a form in...
  3. LadyoftheForest

    Subform or query help

    Okay, here goes my first help request. I’m getting so frustrated. I work 6 days a week so only have Sundays to work on this, and it feels like I search and search for answers and come close, but it doesn’t work, and then it’s 2AM in the morning and I just have to quit. And then forget where I...
  4. LadyoftheForest


    Hello, I'm Lady. I live on a 90 acre farm in northern Maine, I'm a librarian and I do wild edible and medicinal plant walks and talks in my spare time. I used to use Access years ago (not saying how long ago, cause...well, we just don't talk about that), but for all intents and purposes, I'm...
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