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    Delete backup database

    I have a database that creates a backup database, and places it in a separate folder, when opened. The backup database's name is test_mm/dd. I want the ten day old database to be deleted at the same time. Suggestions?
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    Grayed "After Events"

    I'm trying to add macros to a table. I open the table and click the Table tab. I need to click the "After Update" but it is grayed out. How do I get it ungrayed? Thank You, eMel
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    email read confirmations

    Is there any way to send an email and automatically get a read response? Do I need special software? Suggestions? Why? Because I've used two different email addresses to send emails to a politician. He claims he didn't get it. Hmmm...... Thank you
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    Import Excel chart to diff file

    Is there a way to import an Excel chart to another Excel file? Thank You, eMel
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    Attachment box size

    Is there anyway to make the attachment box bigger so that I can more easily see if there are multiple attachments? I'm using an online version of Ourlook.
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    Stop auto-update

    How do I stop auto-updates? SQL Server 2012 I have: WITH FULLSCAN, ?????
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    Any suggestions for a VB compiler?
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    Keyboard for cell phone

    I see how to make one but I'd rather just buy an inexpensive one, if they exist. Do they? Android LG L7
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    Dulled out option ???

    For a questionnaire scenario, if the answer is 'Yes', then the next three question's checkboxes, should become active/undulled, so that they can be answered. If the answer is 'No', then the question's checkboxes should remain dulled out so as not to be answered. Can someone post a link that...
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    Bad memory!

    I can't remember what it's called when an Access database is opened and a default form opens. On the form, the user clicks buttons to open items or run queries. If I had the name, I could look up how to do it. It's not hard. Thanks!
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    Macros quit working

    My macros worked yesterday, now they don't. ???? They work in my other databases, though. Ideas? And I need a suggestion for an And If scenario. If I update one field, the second databases macros work fine. If I update multiple fields, only the first instance writes to a table. Hence...
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    Report Open Message

    I'm trying to get a record written to a table showing when a table opens. I want to see Date/Time, UserName, "***Report has been opened." I'm having issue here: Public Function LogEvt() Dim SQL As String SQL = "INSERT INTO AuditTrail ( DateTime, UserName, FormName ) SELECT #" & Now() &...
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    Macros and Access 2010 Tables

    Really lost on this one. Got my forms and reports working. Suggestions on getting a string written to a table when another table is opened/closed?
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    Thanks all

    Since my browsers, at work, won't reply. I fixed the problem. Rather than using Screen.ActiveForm.Name, I omitted the fourth column for the name and changed the logon string from "Logon Open" to "Subject Candidate Form Opened". Simpler and it works. Now to figure out how to do this with a...
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    I cleared the history and no luck. I'm using SRWareIron and I've tried Firefox, too. No luck.
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    I get a "This webpage is not available"

    I get a "This webpage is not available" message. I've tried various reply options.
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    Why can't I reply to posts on my thread?

    Why can't I reply to posts on my thread?
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    I want to write my form name to a field called ItemName on a table when aform is opened/closed. Can't quite figure out Help? SQL = "INSERT INTO EventLog ( Event, EvTime, UserName, ItemName ) SELECT '" & LogEvent & "' AS x1, #" & Now() & "# as x2, fOSUserName(),;" Why can't...
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    User Log for Access 2010

    I am trying to create a VB module that will log the time someone opens or closes an item in Access 2010. I want the times, user, and form/report/table name of whatever they used and it should be written to a table. The date/time works. Rather than my username being written to the table, it...
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    HEY! I'm eMel from the USA! Just starting to program with Access and will need lot's of help!!
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