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  1. dfenton

    Sync with replica list

    There is no way to change the order of that list, no. Your only option is to present your own UI, sorted in the order you want.
  2. dfenton

    Cross site internet database

    Jet Replication is not a good solution to the problem you describe. Compare the paragraph you quote to the "Myths" page on the Jet Replication Wiki: I'm a big user of Jet Replication, but only in...
  3. dfenton

    Link Tables

    Replication is a very complicated subject and there is no simple and safe solution for the described scenario. Better would be a Windows Terminal Server solution, where the app is run on a Windows Terminal Server in the main office via Remote Desktop.
  4. dfenton

    Bound/Unbound... Subform... Write Conflict... Conceptual Help

    In general, it's not a good idea to have the same table open for editing in two forms simultaneously. While it's kind of unusual to have a main form and subform based on the same table, it's not at all unheard of. However, if that's how you are doing things, I would recommend that only one of...
  5. dfenton

    Offline data entry for split database?

    I'm coming in late to an extensive discussion, but if you used MDB format for the data tables, you could use Jet Replication to synchronize the different databases. But I'm not recommending it -- there are a number of reasons why it wouldn't be the best solution. But if the conditions are right...
  6. dfenton

    Cannot open Access 2003 Database

    What is your evidence that it's unopenable? You say "I get the hourglass for a few seconds, then the empty Access window - no DB container or anything." but that could just mean that the database window is not visible. If you go to the VBE and type "CurrentDB.Name" in the Immediate Window, does...
  7. dfenton

    ODBC over Network

    You'll have to explain in detail what you've attempted already that hasn't work. Otherwise, everybody trying to answer will just be guessing, and likely repeating what you already know.
  8. dfenton

    Cannot open Access 2003 Database

    What happens if you try to synch via DAO in VB6 code? What happens if you attempt the same thing from Access? That is, create an empty Access database, open the replica with DBEngine.OpenDatabase and try to synch it with another replica. What is the exact error number and error message you get...
  9. dfenton

    Cannot open Access 2003 Database

    I really don't understand the meaning of the second sentence. Are you saying that synchs via the VB6 application still work, but you can't open the database in interactive Access? If so, that's a very odd situation. I'd want to know the code you're using to do the synchronization (i.e., what...
  10. dfenton

    Cannot open Access 2003 Database

    When you open one of the replicas in Access 2000, can you sync directly with any of the other two replicas? What is your reason for using replication? Are you sure it serves a proper purpose here? That is, does your application need to edit data in two different locations and synch the changes...
  11. dfenton

    Synchronize Options in Access 2010

    It is entirely incorrect to say that replication is unavailable in A2010. It is true that the ACCDB format, introduced in A2007, does not support replication, but if you continue to use MDB format for the back end with your data tables in it, you can continue to use Jet Replication. MS's...
  12. dfenton

    Question Replicate Menu is greyed out

    Is it an MDB or an ACCDB? Jet Replication is available only with MDB format.
  13. dfenton

    Question Online database synchronize

    What do you mean by "without setting ODBC sources"?
  14. dfenton

    Invalid Argument when importing text file

    If you're inserting data into a table with an identity field while IDENTITY_INSERT is turned on. That's what this error message is telling you: "Explicit value must be specified for identity column in table ..... either when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to ON or when a replication user is inserting...
  15. dfenton

    Programming partial replication

    I can't really help you on this one, as I never saw the utility of partial replication, so have never used it. My only suggestion would be to check if JRO has different support for this than DAO. It is certainly the case that MS purposefully screwed things up by adding support in JRO that was...
  16. dfenton


    Windows Terminal Server/Citrix and the RDP client are much more efficient than sending screen dumps (i.e., bitmaps) -- they use the Windows low-level graphics primitivies, i.e., the instructions Windows sends to the graphics driver, which are then processed and translated into actual pixels for...
  17. dfenton


    Replication is never a solution for performance or network unreliability problems. All you would accomplish in your case, where it appears to be an unreliable network, is to move the problem to a place where it is substantially more dangerous. That is, you still have to synchronize the local...
  18. dfenton

    Access 2007 MDE/ACCDE

    I'm surprised that someone of your advanced level of accomplishment would not already be using decompile as a regular part of your coding arsenal. I find that turning off COMPILE ON DEMAND and decompiling regularly allow me to avoid all sorts of problems. I haven't had corrupted code in...
  19. dfenton

    Question Designing replication-like functionality

    Maintaining a sequence is one of the key problems of any multi-master replication scenario. Avoiding Jet Replication doesn't change that at all -- it just moves the problem around. There are two basic approaches: 1. in your routine that you use to determine the next sequence number...
  20. dfenton

    relationships window problem

    The window in the image is not maximized. I wonder if that makes a difference? Another thought: 1. delete the relationships. 2. click on the visible table and hit the tab key. If it disappears, the table outside the window has the focus and if you hit the delete key, it will be deleted. At...
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