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  1. MonkPlusTerraria

    Warfare Simulation Games

    This is the game of my childhood! If we started to talk about strategies, then I recommend you to play in Man of war and Company of Heroes games.
  2. MonkPlusTerraria

    Best help for depression

    or just listening ASMR content or classical music. Personally, I like stuff from Lucas King. Especially his covers and own songs in the universe of Star Wars. I like his own interpretation of the Heroic Version of Imperial march. Recommend you to listen to it :
  3. MonkPlusTerraria

    Warfare Simulation Games

    Try Arma 2/Arma 3 games. Just be careful: in the case of Arma 2, the community is dying. Slowly dying. There are not many servers are hosted, because the terms and use of its company (Bohemia Interactive) restrict the donation system on servers. I mean that donation when you receive something...
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