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    Attach an existing VBA sub to a new button

    I have looked at various searches on this but have not been able to determine how to create a button and then associate it with an existing VBA sub. ` Can anyone help, please? Thanks
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    how to query multiple criteria when one or more are null

    Good day, all. I have a form that has multiple fields from which to include in a query, but can only query on one criterion at a time. I would like to query on any combination of the criteria. This would include the possibility of some fields being blank. I would appreciate suggestions on...
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    creating a histogram query

    Good evening all, I have scoured sources and not been able to find how to set up simple histogram queries. Can anyone shed some light, and perhaps a sample database? THanks JimL
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    multiple column forms

    Good day to you all! I have a query that generates 50 records summarizing the count of observations per center. I want to display all the results on one form page, splitting the results into 2 columns. Is there a way to do so? I can set the query to display the top 25 records, but don't know...
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    Eliminate record count bar at bottom of a subform

    Hello all, I have a subform which will not be navigated (entire records will be visible at all times). I want to eliminate the frame and the record count bar so that the subform will look like part of the main form. Can this be done? Thank you. JimL
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    passing listbox selection to a query

    I have created a listbox named CenterCombo which contains a field called 'LocationName1'. I have used the following criterion in a query containing the field LocationName1: [Forms]![Center Level]![LocationName1] Unfortunately, the query returns only the records associated with the first name...
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    New member JimL

    Good day, all. I am an experienced Access user who has lapsed use for the past few years and as a result, have forgotten much. I will be posting some perhaps rudimentary questions for a few weeks, and hopefully, my lost skills will return! I look forward to interacting with y'all (forgive my...
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