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Re: To split or not?

When an application requires to be deployed in a multi-user environment, it is very convenient to split the database into two groups. The first contains the client application: database with forms, queries, reports, macros, and modules. The second contains only one or more database tables. The client application is distributed among all the workstations and connects to one or more databases stored on the server.

It is important to clarify that the term server is not very suitable for "Jet Engine and Access Database Engine" databases (mdb, accdb, etc) and it only refers to a shared folder on the network because no data processing task is executed on the server, but on the client.

By implementing the client – server design:
  • All users share the same information.
  • Maintenance tasks may be carried out in the application objects (forms, reports, etc,) without placing the database offline.
Perhaps the easiest method to implement this design consists of attaching all tables of the database server in the client application. For security and performance reasons, this method is not recommended for real server databases like a SQL.

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