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Re: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Originally Posted by Frothingslosh View Post
Nope, I don't like you. I've known for a while, now, however, that your anti-Americanism is 90% trolling, but I have zero tolerance for racism (including calling Markle 'half-caste', even if you don't mean anything by it). Blame it on being brought up in a severely racist family. And to be quite frank, the very idea that you would actually plan to kill yourself and didn't give a rat's ass about the effect it would have on your wife (and you said that several times) absolutely infuriated me. That wasn't because it was you, though; it would have pissed me off no matter who said that.

That said, I actually am happy your situation with your wife and her illness is improving and that your mental state seems to be improving apace. I may not ever come to like you - although stranger things have happened (twenty years ago I was a Republican, for crying out loud) - but I'm perfectly content to sit back and see what changes.

Not that my opinion of you really matters in the grand scheme of things.
You really need to learn to say what you mean and not beat about the bush.

You also know nothing about me, I was not brought up in a severely racist family. Also, yes I was going to end my life so that Mary would be cared for by professional carers. I discussed the whole plan with her and she totally understood the reasoning. If you didn't like it then tough titties mate.

Oh, and I don't like you either.

"America is pregnant with promises and anticipation, but is murdered by the hand of the inevitable."
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