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Re: Help with text file trim and create 2 tables

Thanks MajP,
I felt this was complete, but looking at the concerns raised there might be possibility this could happen in the future and writing the code would be never ending story.

Now i get your point which you were trying to advice me post#16. Since i was pretty sure that this would be the only reasons. But this is the only file which i have checked, but is was told yesterday only that there are on daily basis 4 files generated which i am sure there would be more of these new reasons somewhere that could appear.

I really don't want to barge you with my problem. But if you think that you have the time then i would really appreciate your help on this pls. This way i would kill the issue once for all if i would get any of this additional reasons in future.

But just thinking how would it be done. Below is my understanding.
PHP Code:
MessageType         MessageDetail                            RunID_FK

:          Memo Pxx Exxxx                           1
:        Ixxxxxxxxxxx Axxxx BAL EXCP              2
 Reject             Instrument Rejected                      3 
*(This starts after a space of 45 characters on the next line below Exception :)
Warning :          Rxxxx Axx Dxxxxx Cxxxxxxx              4
 Reject             Insturment Rejected                      5 
*(This starts after a space of 45 characters on the next line below Exception :)
Error              CIDR TRAN TO DORMANT                 6 
:          Instrument already entered through ICTM  7
 Rej Reason 
:       Pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx                         8
 Rej Reason 
:       Sxxxxxxx Ixxxxxx                         9
 Blank1             No Exception 
or Warnings encountered     10 
Kindly note above reasons are independent on their own and can be combination of either Warning or Reject or Error or any of the combinations as given in the earlier txt files attached.
I am not sure what would be your approach. May be it would be simple logic, but i am guessing this will be a tough one.

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