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ODBC Error 3621 closing bound form

I have a bound access form in which users enter new records to a SQL table. The table in which it is adding records to has a few required fields. I am able to successfully enter records into the table, and use VBA to mandate that the required fields are filled out before submitting the new records. The issue is that when I try to close the form and go back to the main menu, I am getting an ODBC error:

".... Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'BisID', table 'AdjustmentsMain'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails (#515) ..... The statement has been terminated. (#3621)."

It appears since the form is bound that it creates a new record in the SQL table each time the blank form is brought up. I would prefer not to unbind the form, since it was bound in an effort to allow multiple users to enter new records without having duplicate or locking issues.

Is there a way I can exit the form without having the blank record attempt to be inserted in the table? Ideally there would be an option for the user to close without saving to the table, perhaps through error handling?

Thank you

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